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Atlas 180mm Longboard Trucks 2014

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Size: 9.5 axle
Size: 9.5 axle
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The 180mm longboard trucks from Atlas offer the performance of precision trucks at the price of casts. These tech-heavy trucks feature a massive ball pivot that delivers a 50% increase in load-bearing surface area, which provides more control than traditional pivots and easier turns.

Atlas's patent-pending pivot cup technology self cleans, self centers and is even threaded so you can remove it with your axle.

Set of 2 Trucks
Truck Angle:
A356/​T6 Forged Aluminum
1:20 Kingpin:
Provides secure support of the kingpin along its entire length so that the kingpin and baseplate act as one unit instead of two separate parts.
I-Beam Hanger:
A stiff hanger that will resist bending, ensures proper load transfer and delivers precise performance in your ride.
89a Barrel Bushings
Forged Baseplate

 9.5 axle
Hanger (mm):180.0
Board Range (in):9.5 +
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