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Bones ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels

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jared lucas/vintage orange (80a)
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The ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels from Bones.

If you're filming, you gotta keep the whirring and grinding sound down. The only way to do that is with these Bones ATF Filmer Wheels.

Set of 4 Wheels
  • 60b
  • 80a
  • Ride Style:
    Surface Type:
    All-Terrain Formula (ATF)

    Diameter (mm):
    Width (mm):
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    Perfect for hitting rough terrain
    by crunch in Chico, CA (Verified Buyer)
    Posted on 11/10/2014
    Bones ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels - chris ray/destroy green (80a)
    Great wheels...nice and smooth on rough surfaces...make those rough spots skate-able.
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    my son is skating again!
    by JEFF in Grass Valley, CA (Verified Buyer)
    Posted on 1/13/2014
    Bones ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels - jared lucas/vintage orange (80a)
    Last Christmas we got our son a beginner, smaller skateboard. He got frustrated though with how rough the ride was with the hard wheels provided on our asphalt driveway, so he basically stopped using the skateboard. I couldn't find any small, softer wheels at local shops, and barely found these at My son is now loving his skate!
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    They melt
    by Keith in Bay Area
    Posted on 7/24/2013
    Bones ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels
    I bought the Bones ATF Chris Ray 54mm wheels and put them on a normal street setup. I thought these were great at first due to the smooth ride. However today they melted on me after 10 minutes of cruising in the city. It wasn't particularly hot out, about 67 degrees. It happened pretty abruptly.
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    ATF Formula
    by AJ in South Florida
    Posted on 7/3/2013
    Bones ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels
    I'm writing more on the ATF compound in general as I have the 52mm Bones Bikini Girl wheels, which may or may not differ in shape from the Filmers.

    Anyway, I have always run park wheels simply because thats where I usually skate, and I kinda hated bringing my setup to the street because super hard wheels give a really harsh/slow ride on rougher pavement and cause you to eat it any little pebble or crack you run into.

    I made a street setup with these ATF formulas and nice bearings and I never been so happy skating the streets, they make your neighborhood ride as smooth as a skatepark lol.

    You can still do quick 180 front and backside slide/reverts with these but I would really use caution in attempting to do powerslides, nose/tail slides on anysurface because they GRIP and will throw you off pretty easy once your wheels catch.

    They also work super good on dusty indoor ramps with masonite/skatelight that tend to be really slippery and these grip nice so you dont have to worry about sliding out too much. They just arent super fast like a hard wheel is on those surfaces. But on pavement ATF is the fastest wheel ive ever used with the smoothest ride.

    Bottom line, if your steet skating and not doing a lot of slide tricks or doing just flatland stuff these are buttery smooth. Or if you have a situation where you have a slippery surface these are your wheels as well.
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    Bones ATF 62MM
    by budman in austin,tx (Verified Buyer)
    Posted on 12/3/2012
    Bones ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels - ty evans/yellow (80a)
    great wheels. love the ATF!
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    Bones Chris Ray ATF Wheels
    by AD43 in LA, CA
    Posted on 11/5/2012
    Bones ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels
    The Bones Chris Ray ATF wheels are great! I built a curb set-up/ cruiser with a Real 8.25 Ishod Wair, Indy Koston 139s & Reds. My normal set-up is an 8.4/ 149s/ 54 Classics. The wheels are fun as they are super fast & have great rebound. You clear sidewalk cracks no problem, have great snap for ollies & although the Chris Ray ATFs are "filmer wheels"- you can still do tail slides and nose slides without the wheels "catching" from being too grippy like other 80a cruisers.. Can't wait to try these on some concrete in the park! Def pick them up. You'll enjoy them.
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    Asked by River on 4/9/2013
    how wide are the Chris Ray wheels? (Bones ATF Filmer Skateboard Wheels)
    Answered by Kyle R (Tactics Employee) on 4/9/2013
    They are 33mm wide.
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