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Bro Style Bro Bolts Skateboard Hardware

$3.50 - $4.95
Color: black
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What better way to keep your trucks attached to your deck than with the help of a bro? There are no better ways, zero. The second best way also happens to involve the help of a bro, but the difference is you'll literally have your skateboard held together with the help of a bro; like, your friend with the skinniest fingers would amputate his fingers and then you'd utilize all of your friends wedding rings to keep the fingers attached. It's suggested your friend keep his thumbs, those things are worthless for holding a skateboard together anyway.

If anyone you know objects strongly to that, it's probably a good sign, maybe just get the Bro Bolts skate hardware from Bro Style instead.

Set of 8 Hardware Bolts

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