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Element Bass 9.75 Skateboard Complete

Sale: $91.95 (10% off, regularly $101.95)
Size: 9.75
Size: 9.75
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The Bass 9.75 Skateboard Complete from Element.

Look at you, getting to enjoy a delicious bass board all day and never raising your risk of mercury poisoning, impressive. Anyway, bass is only moderate in mercury levels, shark and swordfish are the ones you need to limit your intake of. Why are you reading so much about mercury right now? That is a great question.

The thing is you already know how legit Element is, and it's clear you want a fish shaped board with scale-printed grip, so all that's left to do is inform you about the perils of swordfish/shark addiction.

Deck Construction:
Traditional 7-Ply Construction
Truck Options:
Element 5.5" Aluminum Trucks
Wheel Options:
Element 52mm, 95a Wheels
Bearing Options:
ABEC 5 Bearings
1/​8" Flat Risers

Width (in):9.75
Length (in):30.25
Wheel Base (in):14.25
Nose (in):6.0
Tail (in):6.0