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Futures Fins Hatchet 2+1 Longboard Fin Set

Honeycomb - green/black
Color: honeycomb - green/black
Color: honeycomb - green/black
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The 2+1 Longboard Fin Set from Futures Fins.

Turn your high performance longboard into a rocket with the unprecedented Hatchet set from Futures. These fins will ignite in waves with any juice. Futures' highly efficient 50-1 foil Hatchet coupled with the lift from the V2 sides means that you had better buckle up for freakish speed and extraordinarily vertical surfing.

Construction & Flex:
Honeycomb Construction
Futures System Tech:
Truss Base
  • Side: 4.22in - 10.71cm
  • Center: 2.56in - 6.5cm
  • Depth:
  • Side: 4.37in - 11.09
  • Center: 5.94in - 15.08
  • Area:
  • Side: 14.22in² - 91.74cm²
  • Center: 16.13in² - 104.06cm²
  • Futures Foil Tech:
    V2 Foil

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    Asked by Mo on 8/5/2013
    Looking at the Future Fins Hatchet 2+1 Longboard Fin Set, would I be able to just purchase the sidebites only since they are a little taller than the SB1 sidebites that you also advertise? I would like to use them on my SUP 9' 3" board.

    Thank you in advance, Mo
    Answered on 8/14/2013
    unfortunately we can only sell these fins as a set.
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    Asked by Bingo on 6/17/2013
    Is the large fin compatible with a standard longboard finbox (plate and screw only)
    Answered on 7/11/2013
    yeah they should be
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