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Futures Fins V2 Roberts Five Fin Set

Honeycomb - red/black
Color: honeycomb - red/black
Color: honeycomb - red/black
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The V2 Roberts Five Fin Set from Futures Fins.

The Roberts fin was designed by 2011 Surfing Magazine Shaper of the Year, Robert Weiner. This unique fin is comprised of Honeycomb material for more stiffness than a Blackstix fin, but the benefits of generating speed that come with the V2 foil. The engineering behind this fin combined with more rake and a thinner tip make it ideal for the bigger surfer in high performance point-break conditions.

Construction & Flex:
Honeycomb Construction
Futures System Tech:
Truss Base
  • Front Fins: 4.5in - 11.43cm
  • Center Fins: 4.0in - 10.16cm
  • Rear Fins: 4.3in - 10.92cm
  • Depth:
  • Front Fins: 4.56in - 11.58cm
  • Center Fins: 4.49in - 11.4cm
  • Rear Fins: 3.75in - 9.52cm
  • Area:
  • Front Fins: 14.69in² - 94.77cm²
  • Center Fins: 13.7in² - 88.38cm²
  • Rear Fins: 11.41in² - 73.613cm²
  • Futures Foil Tech:
    V2 Foil
    Surfer Size:
    (L) 155 lbs - 210 lbs
    Fin Compatibility:
    Single Tab System

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