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Gorilla Grip Ozzie Wright Traction Pad

tie dye
Color: tie dye
Color: tie dye
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The Ozzie Wright traction pad from Gorilla Grip features a diamond groove pattern to lock in your feet and a roundhouse wedge to minimize water drag.
Diamond III Groove:
  • A spaced out groove pattern that allows your feet to sink down and lock into the grip
  • The groove is also more aggressive with more angular shapes and multiple levels
  • Copperhead Arch:
  • A 3-dimensional, tapered, delta-shaped arch
  • Designed to lock the foot into the back of the pad for hard turning
  • Increased sensitivity when the foot is forward in a trimming position
  • High-density foam
  • Roundhouse Wedge:
  • Minimizes interference with water flow around the rails of the tail to reduce drag
  • Maximizes area for adhesion, increasing strength of kick
  • Minimizes weight
  • Maintains a moderately high and steep kick for performance surfing

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