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Company History

Tactics has served hundreds of thousands of customers around the world since 1999. From our humble beginnings in a garage, we continue to stay focused on our 6 key operating principles: 1) world class customer service; 2) quality products; 3) exceptional selection; 4) value (best price guarantee); 5) specialty focus; and, 6) environmental responsibility.

Where much of our competition is running their online operation out of the stock room or, at the other end of the spectrum, they are storing their skate shoes next to the cowboy boots in a giant warehouse the size of Cleveland, Tactics sits comfortably in the middle. We don’t try to be everything to everyone – we are specialty. However, we also don’t fumble around in the back rooms hoping your order is actually in stock. operates out of a dedicated warehouse that is staffed by riders, not outsourced to someone who doesn’t know a skate wheel from surfboard wax.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers courteous, informed, and professional customer service and consistently fulfilling our promise to deliver quality gear and clothing to your doorstep quickly and accurately. Our staff is comprised of riders of all levels and experience and we are here to answer any questions you might have.


The short version:

Conceived of on a powder day at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, in late-1998, Tactics is the evolution of an idea born out of fun. We are located in Eugene, Oregon - at the confluence of the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains. Tactics is still rider owned and operated, and is now one of the largest online snow|skate|surf|street specialty stores in the country.

The longer version:


The company is formally founded in February, 1999, by a handful of riders with much celebration and a healthy dose of optimism. The go-go days of the dot-com era are in full swing and venture financed (which we are not) competition sprouts up around us at every turn. The snowboarding industry thumps us with closed door after closed door – “you want to sell snowboarding gear online – are you crazy?” We manage just enough bro-brah here and there that a few brands take a flyer on us. The company moves out of a storage unit and into one of the founders’ garage in Eugene just in time to receive our first shipments of product. The bank reminds us that if we don’t pay back the loan, what little we own of our houses and cars will take care of paying them back. It’s legit – game on – our first order soon arrives. Passion and enthusiasm rule the day as we pack boxes and answer emails late into the night. Just as importantly, we learn early on what it takes to fulfill promises to our online customers.


In the spring of 2000, it is time to poop or get off the pot. Two of the founders poop. Everyone else gets off the pot sooner or later. We also move out of the garage and into a small warehouse space in a larger building shared by artists and photographers. The word gets out in town and soon local customers show up at the warehouse wanting to shop. We open up a little tiny retail snowboard shop next to the warehouse in the fall. The store is ghetto and on the wrong side of the tracks, but our mantra to our employees is to treat every person walking through the door like they are a rock star. What we learn from our in-store customers helps us take care of our online customers. The great experiment of combining an online store with a brick and mortar store is in full swing. We are ahead of our time. The dot-com bubble begins to burst.


Bubble fully bursted now, we watch many of our venture-backed online competitors implode – crushed by the weight of unrealistic expectations, planned riches, and lack of focus on the customer. We pull on our boot straps a little tighter and move into a new and larger location in the spring of 2001. The building provides better visibility for our re-located retail store and a bigger warehouse space, but we have to remodel the whole stinking building with our own hands. We expand from snowboarding into skate and surf, operating online at


We hold on for a bumpy ride as we grow from a tiny little unknown company into a respected one in our industry. The months race by…


Square footage becomes precious and we expand into a warehouse location one block up the street. Our staff and their pushcarts become a common sight wearing a path back and forth between the main location and the extra warehouse.


We learn of an old 1940s, 30,000 square foot, 3-story warehouse nearby for sale. We pull the trigger. When the staff sees their new home to be, most of them threaten to quit, or worse. The place has been leaking for years and it is dark and dirty. An 8-month renovation project begins at the end of the year. Combining historic preservation and modern green building techniques, the building will become a model for maintaining a tie to the past while incorporating environmental sustainability principles.


Based on customer feedback, we completely redesign the website. The cool, but sometimes buggy flash navigation is gone and the new look is cleaner and easier to navigate. Tactics reconsolidates its operations into the newly remodeled building. The new retail store blows everyone away. Warehouse, retail, and office are all under one roof again (for now).


The timing is right. We acquire the domain name and becomes


Tactics joins 1% for the Planet and puts its money where its mouth is. Live green or die. By the end of December, over 15 activist environmental organizations have received checks from Tactics ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. Click here for more information.


Another new warehouse move is under our belt. What a hassle. Our warehouse expansion and fulfillment infrastructure improvements allow us to offer an ever larger selection and process orders more efficiently.


Tactics hunkers down while the economy takes a nose dive. Amidst a constant barrage of news of bankruptcies and the retail downturn, we end the year even stronger than how we started.


The year of the customer! Well, at Tactics, every day is the day of the customer, but this was our official mantra in 2010. It is all about you. Our total 1% For The Planet donations exceed $250,000 since 2007.

2011 gets a facelift! After several solid years, it was time to give Tactics a new look online. We hope you like what you see... 2012

We expand our Eugene, Oregon, store to its full 8,000 square foot potential. Backed by our online selection, it evolves to be one of the most respected boardshops in the country.