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NOW O-Drive Snowboard Bindings 2016

$299.95 (30% off, was $428.95)
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Color: black
Size: M
Color: black
Size: M
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The NOW O-Drive snowboards bindings deliver one of the stiffest rides in the industry with a carbon fiber highback to keep your turns responsive when flying down the mountain at mach speed. NOW's signature Skate Tech baseplate mimics the function of a skateboard truck by efficiently transferring energy from toe to heel, decreasing fatigue while enhancing response. The O-Drive includes a medium and hard set of bushings so you can choose between better vibration damping or increased response. The Flushcup heelcup ensures your boot fits flush with the entire back of the binding for maximum control at any speed. The O-Drive is the binding of choice for Romain De Marchi, Ryland Bell and Manuel Diaz.
Primary Ride Style:
Also Good For:
  • All Mountain
  • Aggressive Riding
  • Flex Rating:
    Key Features:
  • World's First Skate Influenced Binding
  • The Kingpin
  • Hanger 2.0
  • Compatible with All Snowboards
  • Highcup Technology
  • Flex/​Response:
  • FS Carbon Highback
  • Flushcup Heelcup
  • Optional Noback Mode
  • Alumi-Ring + Multi-Compatible Disc
  • Comfort:
  • Base Bushings
  • Foot-Pillow
  • Convenience:
  • 3D Asym Ankle Straps
  • 3D Toe Straps
  • Flip It Straps
  • Snowboard Compatibility:
  • 4-Hole Insert Pattern
  • Burton Channel M6
  • 3D Hole Insert Pattern
  • Warranty:
    Limited Lifetime Warranty (Base and Heelcup)
    Men's Boot Sizes (US):7.5-10
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    Unimpressed with the brand backing this product.
    by Case G.
    Posted on 2/14/2016
    NOW O-Drive Snowboard Bindings
    I recently purchase this binding for my all-mountain board. Never having ventured much from my Burton and Union bindings in the past, I wanted to try something new. Was definitely intrigued by the quality and technology invested in the O-drive product. Overall it was okay. The Highback delivered amazing support (as it should being carbon fiber). The footbed was super padded and beyond comfortable. I wasn't impressed by the ratchet system at all. I was actually shocked at how below average it was (feel and sound). The toe strap was perfect and ankle left me wanting something a little more sound.
    I only got in a couple of days on my setup (I will explain why shortly) but I didn't notice the skate tech technology offering anything special. I used all bushing. From soft to hard. Wouldn't recommend anyone using anything but the hard bushing if your mission is to have a rather responsive setup. Softer pads left the board feeling sluggish.
    Now I had an unfortunate accident where I had my Highback snap in half due to a chair lift coming down on it. Well aware this was a rookie move on my part as it's almost happened to me once before. Regardless, I had these basically brand new bindings that I wanted to get back up and in working condition. Having contacted I asked them to get ahold of Now as this is the process when buy thru a 3rd party. The situation was no longer in my hands. All I could do was wait. NOW's warranty guy wasn't getting back to Couple weeks went by and then I finally reached out to them myself. Took me a week to get the warranty guy to give me a response even though I talked to a few other people in customer service. Told him the issue and he said he'd see what he could do. Never ended up hearing back from him while I was in the process of dealing with this. Called back a week later and had someone else answer the phone. Said he didn't even think that their high end binding even had replacement parts such as the Highback yet. You mean to tell me that your top of the line binding has zero replacement parts except for toe and ankle straps. Leaving me with the only solution being to buy a whole new set of bindings is what the guy said. Beyond crap.
    No this wasn't their fault. No it didn't end up being a warranty issue. I didn't even care about that. What I cared about was getting a prompt response while we were still in the heat of the winter season and a solution that didn't lead to me dropping another couple hundred dollars after I just invested $430+. When buying a product, you're not just investing in that but the company backing. If the company backing the product is garbage then the product isn't much better.
    I would have really liked to get a full season on these but don't think... Scratch that. I will never spend my money on another pair of NOW bindings moving forward. The warranty guy did end up contacting me after I had replaced these bindings way too late. I explained everything in detail and heard nothing back. No apology, no anything.
    Tactics on the other hand was amazing. The witnessed the lack of response from NOW. Understood the frustration behind the matter and allowed me to return the busted bindings and exchange them for a pair of comparable Burton Diode bindings. They didn't have to do anything actually but they did. Amazing customer service. Can't tell them thank you enough. Hope this review helps. This binding could be awesome for the right person. I was just really digging into the quality of the product but know who's bed your getting into when buying these.
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