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Thirtytwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots 2018

6 Reviews
Color: black
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Estimated availability in September 2017
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Great Boot!
by SLAYER in New Meadows, ID (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 3/23/2017
Thirtytwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots - stevens tan
I ride and hike a lot during a typical winter. This boot holds up. The Level 3 Intuition liners are excellent! You don't necessarily need to heat mold them. Durable, comfortable and warm!
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Day 1
by Dave
Posted on 2/10/2016
Thirtytwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots
Day 1, well I read some people say " They run small!" I saw some people say " They fit great!" In my case I went to a store tried on 2 different boot companies both size 13. Heck I tried on 12s just to be sure.
So I went online and I bought these rolling the dice that 13 the biggest size they came in would have to be true to size. WRONG. I put them on with a thin sock and they where tight. A 1/2 size tight. So warning they truly do run small.
Now on the other hand. I did not heat treat them.. Heck I had never heard of such a thing. Apparently you can heat treat the foot bed to mold to your foot. Also get the boot stretched out. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to do it. But I'm going to keep them and go for it. Here's why.
I did a full day of boarding in them despite the fact they fit poorly
They are a stiff boot they say 7/10 I would give them more of a 8 or 9/10 They walk like your in ski boots.
I had to tighten them up a couple times throughout the day. The pull string liner seems like it doesn't stay snug. The outer laces seem more for show then for actual tightening the boot. They come with discs you jam in the Side of the boot to make them tighter. I didn't use them for obvious reasons.
The " responsiveness " that people write in reviews is another way to say stiff. You lean into your toe edge and this boot will hold you up until gravity takes you down.

I rode yesterday in a few inches of powder, ice, granular, groomers. Typical New England boarding. Over all I would say if you're free riding and you're in and out of the park. I would skip these they are to stiff.
If your exclusively a hard charger from dawn to dusk these are for you.
Carving was great, The stiffness was exceptional to lean into. The heel cup kept you in the boot. The grip was nice on the bottom of the boot for icy base conditions. Over all I would give it 7/10. Wouldn't be my first choice for the all mountain with occasional park session as it was described numerous times. I feel it's more back country, hard charging powder days. I would go a little less stiff for a true all around rider.
I'm sure they will loosen up a little I'm just giving a day 1 with these boots. Oh, yes feet where dry and warm all day with thin socks. 20- 24° All day. Also, I consider myself intermediate to advanced level New England rider. I don't claim to know everything about snowboard technology. But I do a decent amount of research before I buy something and some of the reviews where a little misleading across the web. I hope this review helps someone that is on the fence like I was. Also big thanks to I placed 2 orders by accident and they called me to confirm 1 day later I had my order corrected and shipped.
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Awesome stiff boots!
by Muz A in Wichita, KS (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/14/2015
Thirtytwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots - stevens maroon
Been wanting to buy TM Two for few years, I like everything about this boots. Stiff enough to protect my bad ankle. The only reason why I didn't give full stars is because of I bought half size smaller. I had to stop after each run because of my toes went numb and it hurt so bad. Since I can't return it back to Tactics to get a bigger size, my only choice is to sell it to someone at loss and buy again.
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by (Tactics Employee)
Posted on 11/12/2014
Thirtytwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots
This boot is so comfortable and performs exactly how I need it too - responsive without being too stiff and still comfortable. Love the lace ups and love this boot.
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should have stayed with what worked
by slayer in la grande, OR (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 5/20/2014
Thirtytwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots - stevens black/green
I tried so many different boots and couldn't find one that would fit so I decided to go back to 32 and ...... holy smokes they fit me perfect with no pressure points, should have never got away from 32 tm two, great fit from the start, warm and tons of adjustability for the heel hold, room in the toe box, great flex as I remember, well built boots plus looks cool too, I wear size 9 and it fits true to size with a reduce footprint
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AMAZING response
by Toofinn in Canada (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/27/2012
Thirtytwo TM-Two Snowboard Boots (Closeout) - black
I can't beleive the difference a boot made in my riding. I never would have guessed having a good stiff boot would make such a drastic change. My last boots were $80 ride boots which lasted well and were ultra comfortable. The stiffer boot made me have to change my stance and the edge to edge response is crazy fast. On the flipside I think I would go slightly softer next time to make freestyle riding a little easier by having more ankle flex. For all mountain carving on hardpack you can't have a better boot. Love the inner dual zone liner tightening system.
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