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Transworld Let's Surf Seriously Surf DVD

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The Let's Surf Seriously DVD Video from Transworld Surf.

"Surfing used to mean something. Seems like all we see these days is fancy boys dancing on the water like damn ballerinas in fancy boardshorts with $300 dollar haircuts. What happened to cutbacks? Where is all the vertical re-entry three-to-the-beach aggression? Kids these days should be studying and taking notes from their elders." - Transworld Surf

Transworld produced Let's Surf Seriously to explore the growing trend of "jockular" and pretentious surfers who are quickly becoming the image of modern surfing. They believe surfers are no longer striving to become innovative leaders in their sport, but rather surf purely to sustain the popularity they gain through surfing.

Let's Surf Seriously takes you on a journey to countries such as Australia, the Caribbean, Indonesia and El Salvador to inform you about this world-wide problem. Grab your copy today and join the fight against superficial surfers!

Release Date:
Fall 2012
Produced By:
Transworld Magazine
Chippa Wilson, Nate Tyler, Ozzie Wright, Benji Weatherly, Greg Long, Dylan Graves, Dillon Perillo, Matt Meola.
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