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Arbor Outlook Easy Rider Series Longboard Wheels

ghost black v2 (78a)
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With a wider footprint than most mini wheels, the Outlook is a great cruiser wheel for short commutes and even some freeriding. The soft durometer and 2.5mm offset offer the perfect balance between grip and slide while the Sucrose Formula promises consistent wear that also happens to be easy on the environment.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Ride Style
  • Freeride
  • Carving/Cruising
Core Placement
  • Offset
Wheel Edge
  • Round Lip
Surface Type
  • Smooth
Arbor Wheels
  • Sucrose Formula
  • Eco-Friendly Wheels
  • 78a
Ride Style

Freeride - Wanna get sideways? Features like smaller contact patches, a stone ground finish and rounded lips all help these wheels slide easily, right out of the cellophane.

Carving/Cruising - Carving/cruising wheels meet the needs of many different skate disciplines but generally, have a good roll speed and are soft enough to handle craggy streets riddled with cracks and rocks.

Core Placement

Offset - The most popular; offset cores offer a more forgiving slide initiation and hookup, while still providing ample grip and control in your slide.

Wheel Edge

Round Lip - Breaks traction more easily and offers smoother transitions from grip to slide. Round lip wheels are generally preferred for freeriding.

Surface Type

Smooth - The natural shiny finish provides extra grip for railing corners and is more responsive when pumping/carving compared to wheels with a stone ground finish.

Arbor Wheels

Sucrose Formula - The Sucrose formula is known to last and last, making these wheels ideal for freeride. They also have incredible grip for carving and mellow hills.

Eco-Friendly Wheels - Made with environmentally friendly sucrose-based, bio-urethane reducing Arbor's reliance on harmful synthetic materials, while maintaining the highest level of performance.


78a - The most common durometer we see amongst cruiser wheels. They have great grip for cornering and easily roll over cracks, small rocks and the like.

Diameter (mm):69.0
Width (mm):50.0
Contact Patch (mm):44.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):1/2