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Bones STF V2 Skateboard Wheels

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white (83b)
Color: white (83b)
Size: Size Chart
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Do yourself and your board a favor, invest in some Bones STF wheels and take your street skating to the next level. STF technology represents Bones' best street tech formula, so the V2's are a great place to start if you want to upgrade your complete.
  • Set of 4 Wheels
Wheel Profile
  • Standard
  • Treaded
  • Street Tech Formula (STF)
Wheel Shape
  • STF V2 Shape
  • 83b STF
Wheel Profile

You may notice a discrepancy between what we designate a wide, standard or narrow and what the brands do. This classification is our opinion based on years of skating, as well as looking at the profile of the wheel as it compares to what we believe is a standard profile. You just have to trust us on this.

Standard - Your classic wheel shape, it's not built to excel in specific scenarios like a narrow or wide wheel, but it's appropriate for most situations. If you're new to skating this is where you want to start.


Treaded - Treaded wheels provide improved grip and traction on smooth surfaces.


Street Tech Formula (STF) - Street Tech Formula wheels are specifically engineered from top quality components to obtain all the best properties necessary for the ultimate in street wheel performance.

Street Tech Formula wheels have a substantially higher rebound for more speed and amazing slide capabilities while maintaining a resistance to flat spotting well beyond any standard wheel. The technology behind STF is proven, ask anyone who's shredded on 'em.

Wheel Shape

STF V2 Shape - This shape features the narrowest surface area available coming in 4mm narrower then the standard Mini-Rat Shape, this means reduced weight and friction for improved sliding and technical performance.


83b STF - STF's are a street tech formula wheel but can handle the park just as well. Hard, fast and smooth. Bones claims that their "b" scale is 20 points lower than your typical “a” scale, meaning the hardness of the Bones 83b STF Formula would in turn equal a 103a in hardness which would be beyond the limitations of the “a” scale.

Diameter (mm):51.053.0
Width (mm):28.029.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):N/AN/A
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Reviewed by 8 customers

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Best wheels ever!
by EDELIO in MIAMI, FL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 10/24/2017
Bones STF V2 Skateboard Wheels - white (83b)
They always last me a long time. I recomend it 100%.
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Great wheels
by MAC in TX (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/9/2017
Bones STF V2 Skateboard Wheels - white (83b)
Great wheels, not easy to flat spot, took a while to wear down the original treads. Nicely squared to lock in grinds.
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by Ben Eggen in Apple Valley, MN (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 7/28/2016
Bones STF V2 Skateboard Wheels - white (83b)
Very smooth and great for raw street cruising and stackin
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by Tj in Indialantic, FL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 5/18/2016
Bones STF V2 Skateboard Wheels - white (83b)
Great wheels. Bones, gotta love em.
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Can't go wrong
by Jacob in Houston, TX (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 5/14/2016
Bones STF V2 Skateboard Wheels - white (83b)
These are by far the best wheel for street skating.
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Bones are the best
by Justin in Lombard, IL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/22/2016
Bones STF V2 Skateboard Wheels - white 2014 (83b)
Great roll, speed, feel and durability. Pure white color stays true. I've skated Gold, Ricta, and Pig street wheels. Bones are always my top pick!
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Asked by ethan on 1/24/2017
I have ridden formula fours for a while now, and i really enjoy there classic shape, although i am starting to get interested in the STF's. So what shape of bones are the closest to spitfire f4's classics shape?
Answered by Danny M (Tactics Employee) on 1/31/2017
The closest to the shape of the formula fours are going to be any of the STF V1's, V2's, V3's, or V'4s. These images on our site should be an accurate depiction of what they look like so you could compare them side by side as well.
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Asked by pau on 8/6/2013
hello I'm looking for the best skate wheels there are (money is covered) , i skate street mainly but well go to parks 2x a week. i heard of bones 100s, stf, al terrain, spitfire f1s, and also of some "formula 4" not sure what that is so please inform me in those too. thanks and well be sue to order my complete from here within this month.
Answered on 8/14/2013
go with stf's. they are harder and more flatspot resistant than any other wheel out there.
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