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iPhone 7 Wide Angle Lens

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The Wide Angle Lens is great for those who want a wider angle shot than the standard smartphone camera, but don't need the extremely wide attributes of the Death Lens Fisheye. Death Lens Case attachment method ensures your lens is attached securely to allow quick filming motions and avoid the dreaded “clip flyaway” destruction common on other lens systems. Used by several pros, the Wide Angle lens is great for those who love having a nice wide option for taking still photos, but also want the ability to capture crispy video content.

  • iPhone 7/7S
Lens Attachment
  • Every Death Lens easily screws in and out of the case allowing for you to keep your smartphone protected if needed, as well as ready to for quick lens attachment
  • Death Lens
  • Smartphone Case
  • Lens Cover
  • Lens Soft Bag Cover

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