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HippyTree Clothing

HippyTree is a nature inspired surf and outdoor apparel company. Founded in a Hermosa Beach garage in 2004 by a local surfer, climber and artist, HippyTree is dedicated to designing products and graphics that embody the “surf & stone” lifestyle. HippyTree’s rugged apparel designs and hand drawn graphics featuring waves, mountains and wildlife reflect the company’s passion for surfing and the outdoors. Marked by the “green tree” logo, HippyTree is committed to softening its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing.

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HippyTree Reflect Trucker Hat - blackHippyTree Reflect Trucker Hat black $22.95 (23% off)
HippyTree Woodcrest T-Shirt - blackHippyTree Woodcrest T-Shirt black $22.95 (23% off)
HippyTree Corona Hat - naturalHippyTree Corona Hat natural $26.95 (23% off)
HippyTree Reflect Tank - whiteHippyTree Reflect Tank white $26.95 (23% off)
HippyTree Division Trucker Hat - tanHippyTree Division Trucker Hat tan $24.95 (22% off)
HippyTree Moonlight T-Shirt - naturalHippyTree Moonlight T-Shirt natural $22.95 (23% off)
HippyTree Grizzly Tank - heather greyHippyTree Grizzly Tank heather grey $19.95 (23% off)
HippyTree Mesa 5-Panel Hat - navyHippyTree Mesa 5-Panel Hat navy $25.95 (24% off)
HippyTree Latigo Hoodie - heather navyHippyTree Latigo Hoodie heather navy $47.95 (25% off)
HippyTree Motif S/S Shirt - tealHippyTree Motif S/S Shirt teal $49.95 (24% off)
HippyTree Covina Hoodie - heather armyHippyTree Covina Hoodie heather army $54.95 (24% off)
HippyTree Ogden Beanie - charcoalHippyTree Ogden Beanie charcoal $17.95 (44% off)
HippyTree Nordic T-Shirt - whiteHippyTree Nordic T-Shirt white $21.95 (42% off)
HippyTree Freedom T-Shirt - whiteHippyTree Freedom T-Shirt white $15.95 (47% off)
HippyTree Sherwood Beanie - forestHippyTree Sherwood Beanie forest $15.95 (43% off)
HippyTree Tavern Flannel Shirt - rustHippyTree Tavern Flannel Shirt rust $38.95 (44% off)
HippyTree Lobos Flannel Shirt - tanHippyTree Lobos Flannel Shirt tan $41.95 (40% off)
HippyTree Contour T-Shirt - navyHippyTree Contour T-Shirt navy $17.95 (44% off)
HippyTree Bait L/S T-Shirt - navyHippyTree Bait L/S T-Shirt navy $22.95 (36% off)
HippyTree Noosa Hoodie - heather brownHippyTree Noosa Hoodie heather brown $41.95 (40% off)