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Affiliate Terms of Service


Welcome to the Tribe, please find the following information to ensure your success. We require that all affiliate publishers adhere to the following terms of service. 


Representation of the Tactics Brand

All affiliates must maintain a high quality website. All marketing content or materials promoting Tactics must be consistent with our brand standards. Tactics reserves the right to deny or remove publishers who do not meet our standards.

Publishers may not represent themselves as Publishers who are not authorized dealers are prohibited from representing themselves as such in marketing any of the brands we supply, through PPC or other marketing channels.

Written consent must be obtained before using any web content (logos, reviews, descriptions, information, images and video) from  If consent is obtained, Tactics requires publishers credit tactics as the source (including direct links to

Tactics will deny or remove affiliates that operate a website or link to websites that contain or promote any of the following content: gambling, adult/sexually explicit, abusive, violent, hate-speech, or any other content that we consider offensive and/or inappropriate.


Comparison Shopping Engines:

Publishers are prohibited from syndicating Tactics product to comparison shopping engines or other partners without prior written consent from Tactics.


Pay Per Click Bidding:

Tactics does not prohibit affiliate publishers from PPC bidding in SERPs. However, publishers may not bid on, misspellings or variations of our trademarked company name. These include, but are not limited to:, tactics boardshop, tactics board shop, tacticsoregon, tacticseugene, tacticsportland, tacticsbend. Bidding on Tactics related coupon terms (ex: Tactics Coupons) are prohibited. Ad Text, Creative or Copy cannot include trademark or coupon keywords or terms.

All publisher PPC ads must direct to a publisher domain and may not include  Publishers must have a URL that does not contain, trademarked brand names or any misspellings or variations of Tactics or trademarked names.


Email Marketing:

All email communication representing Tactics must be pre-approved by Tactics. All emails must be CANSPAM compliant.


Promotional Messaging:

Publishers are prohibited from misrepresenting Tactics promotions including coupon offers, shipping offers and discounts. Publishers are encouraged to use technology that will automate updates with the appropriate promotion in order to ensure promotion start and end dates.


Nexus States:

Please be aware that we cannot work with affiliates in Connecticut and Missouri due to Nexus laws that exist in these states.  Publishers are responsible for accurately listing their state with pepperjam.


Commissions Overview

Publishers receive credit for a sale after meeting the following criteria: a) customer purchases through the website (orders placed through customer service or instore are not eligible for commissions) b) the conversion occurred based on Tactics’ last click attribution model c) the conversion happened within the cookie window (30 days) d) the click was through a link containing our affiliate tracking code e) items purchased are approved items under commission rules.

Returned and canceled orders will not be eligible to earn commissions.

Payment Frequency: Commissions are paid at the end of each month.

Any site that ranks in organic search for any variants of "tactics" + "coupon", "coupon code", "promo code" or related terms can be revoked or set to a 0% commission rate.


Publisher Types

Coupon / Value Proposition

These publisher types may receive commission on OUTLET ITEMS ONLY (unless prior consent is obtained from Tactics). Coupon sites start at a 5% commission rate for New Customers, and 4% commission rate for Returning Customers. Tactics maintains the right to modify transactions/commissions to align with our publisher agreement. Any site that ranks in paid or organic search for any variants of "tactics" + "coupon", "coupon code", "discount code" "promo code" or related terms can be revoked or set to a 0% commission rate.

Website/Content, Blog and CPA/Sub-Affiliate Network

These publisher types start a 6% commission rate for New Customers, and 4% commission rate for Returning Customers. Some publishers may recieve various commission terms based on prior approval.

Some limited brand exclusions apply.


Professional Managed Services

pepperjam will provide you with the support needed to promote Tactics.