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Bone Zone Banked Slalom

The good dudes at Shred NW Magazine got together, decided March 26th would be a good day to shred the Bone Zone at Timberline, and figured, “Let’s time everybody and see who gets down the fastest.” Here’s a recap of the first Bone Zone Banked Slalom.

Registration started at 7:30 am–don’t bother registering early next year, you’ll still need to register the day of the event.   Registration was supposed to close at 8:30 with the event kicking off at 9:30. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, and that can be expected at an inaugural event. I doubt the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom’s first event went out without a hitch and now it’s Legendary.

I think it was around 10:30 when the first person took a timed pow run through the Bone Zone. But it’s all good cause the park was right next to the event, so all the riders took park laps waiting for the rider meeting to start.  Whiteout conditions limited communication between the top and bottom of the course, but Shred NW made due with what they had.

Other highlights include winner Gabe Triplette demolishing the  competition  by two seconds; the only grom entrant, Sean Fitzsimons, coming in faster than nine of the pro riders, six of the AM riders, two Masters riders, and five women’s riders. The li’l dude shreds. Then I saw him throw down a perfect frontside three in the park on a jump I felt good about Indy-ing.

Overall, there’s some kinks that can be ironed out for next year and I’m sure we’ll all be back cause everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. There’s not much more that can be said about a slalom event.  YoBeat has their take here. Shred NW has all the times here.

Before my camera broke, I tried to snap some photos for all of you who couldn’t make it Timberline. Enjoy ’em below.

UPDATE: Resident filmer Party Boy made a quick little edit of the race, watch it below.

Early morning registration. Don't pull Smokey's finger.
Hurry up and wait
Wetrat went with the Burton Fish
Triangle pose brings heavy snow. Ed didn't know that...
Pro winner Gabe Triplette blasts through the whiteroom
The weather briefly let up for the media class. Party Boy doesn't mind

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