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Burton's Pacific Northwest Trifecta 2015


There aren’t many places in the world offering the means to complete a trifecta. A whata? Trifecta: snow, skate, surf…and all on the same day. Lucky for us, we’re cradled between the Cascade Ranges to the east, the best skateparks in the world up and down the Willamette Valley, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. You couldn’t ask for a better Trifecta area.

Tactics skate team rider Justin James and customer service rep Tyler Knutson were invited by the Burton crew to join 11 others (Oh how Burton loves the number 13…) on the ultimate pilgrimage from the mountains to the parks to the waves.

Head over to Snowboard Mag for a full gallery recap and Trifecta Takeaways.

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