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Fifteen Years and Runnin'

What I learned last night: In 2014, Tactics does more business in one day than we did in all of 1999, the year we started. ONE DAY?! Wow.

We’re not huge, but we’re not small, either. We’re just up here in the Pacific Northwest doing our thing, trying our hardest to provide the best customer experience possible. Most of the time we kn0ck it outta the park. Sometimes we don’t, and that’s what keeps us grounded and always working harder. Last night was a celebration of all the hard work we’ve put in this year.

Fifteen years…think about that…like, if Tactics was a person, we’d be driving next year. OMG. Does this mean our owners are going to let the ship loose and drive itself?

Check out the photos from last night’s holiday party. Cheers to fifteen more.

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