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Weve been waiting for this one! Get ready for @hufworldwides first full-length skate video, HUF 001, dropping on Saturday, March 24th. Starring our guy @joshmatthews_ and the entire HUF skate team, you definitely dont want to miss this one! #TacticsSkate #HUF001
Congrats to @mandrew_artin of Yakima, WA on being this weeks #RipperOfTheWeek! Smooth tree lines and smooth tunes, always a good time. Hit the link in bio to peep Andrews Q&A! Keep those #CatchARip entries coming and you could be the next #ROTW #TacticsSnow
@austinthongvivong slowly recovering from that ankle injury #LongRoadAhead #TacticsSkate
Bonk! @joshmatthews_ #TacticsSkate
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26Happy birthday to the Mayor of WJ himself @peepgame13! #TacticsSkate #HBD

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Lakai Staple Skate Shoes - Available Now

lakai staple navy2

The highly anticipated Lakai Staple is available now at Tactics. Originally released in 2001, the Staple was a favorite among Lakai team riders and skaters everywhere. After being fazed out of the line in the mid 00’s the Staple has returned in a slimmed down design with a more flexible vulcanized construction.  Take a closer look in our studio review.

Another strong showing in the ever growing rubber toe cap market, the Lakai Staple is currently the only model to also include rubber protection in the heel flip area. While the early models had sizable toe and heel bumpers, the 2016 model has extended the rubber toe and heel coverage for increased durability and a grippier flick. Classic styling retooled to meet the standards of 2016, this shoe is sure to become a staple in the Lakai lineup once again.

Lakai Staple Skate Shoes Now Available at Tactics

Lakai Staple 10

Lakai Staple 14

Lakai Staple 18

Lakai Staple 15

Lakai Staple 10

Lakai Staple Skate Shoes Now Available at Tactics

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