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The Neff RV is coming to Tactics THIS Monday (the 13th) for the most epic game of skate ever! Bring your board and some friends and enter to win tons of free stuff from Neff and Tactics. Neff will be handing out free ice cream and we will have the grill going so come hungry. Standard Barrics rules apply (feet cant touch the ground, no grabs, no hand drags, must pop your trick, larger margin of error for defensive player, blah blah blah.) but we are adding one lifeline. If you know you just cant do the trick, you can take a chance with the skate dice but the skate dice can only be used once per game so choose wisely.   Start warming up now and get creative because we will also be kicking down prizes for the first people who land the 5 mystery tricks.

See you there!


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