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Shout outs to our latest #RipperOfTheWeek, Alex W., aka @alex_weaver of Dallas, OR! Alex and the homies rolled around WOU and came back with some gems! Hit the link in bio to peep his Q&A and be sure to follow @alex_weaver for more ripping! And keep those #CatchARip entries coming, you could be our next #ROTW! #TacticsSkate
Start the sunny season off right with the new Cerveza Collection from Tactics! Hit the link in bio to peep the new deck and apparel today!#TacticsSkate #Cerveza
Throwback to a wee @joshmatthews_ front blunting at an old Portland spot 12 years ago!: @ham_n_cheese // #TacticsSkate #TBT
Portland photog master @talroberts has a Proof Sheet interview up on the @transworldskate website! Hit the link in his bio to peep all the pics, including this shot of @thegoodhomie_ pulling a FS lip to switch crook at MACBA!#TacticsSkate
@joshmatthews_ has proper table manners : @thebrilliantlewis // #TacticsSkate
Out here at @woodwardtahoe all week! @daltondern 180 nose grind over the doorway. Stay tuned for more.: @thebossducky // #tacticsskate #woodwardcamp #woodwardtahoe
The last clip from @austinthongvivongs @thundertrucks part! Link in bio for the full thang!: @goombaslayer // #TacticsSkate
Heres a few clips of @peepgame13 filmed by @_unemployed that wont be used for some reason#TacticsSkate
Put your feet up, relax and knock back a few cold ones with the Cerveza Collection from @Tactics! From backyard pool sessions to backyard BBQs, the Cerveza pack will have you ready for summer! Link in bio, you know the drill!#TacticsSkate

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Poolside Supplies | Summer Skate Essentials


It's pool party time. Crunch some coping or crack a can opener. Whether your pool is built to slash or splash, we've got the goods to kick off your summer. Join Tactics team riders Dalton Dern, Cody Lockwood, and Austin Thongvivong for a San Francisco backyard session, then hit the blue button below to dive into all our pool party essentials or keep on scrolling to hit our top pics in all the most important categories.




Sure, you can skate any old popsicle stick in a pool, but there's something special about surfing carve grinds on an old school deck with big 'ole trucks and wheels. Pool decks are also great for throwing on a set of softies and slapping some curbs on your way down to the river.





This is an easy one, sleeves or no sleeves? If you're looking to score some deals on a tight budget, check out the three packs from adidas and HUF or shop our selection of hundreds of shirts under $20.





Let those ankles breathe! Hybrid shorts are an easy win for any summer day. Skate, swim, hike, or bbq, you're good to go.





Ain't nobody go time for soggy socks after a sweaty session. Can't do sandals? Slip-on shoes are almost as convenient.





The sun is your friend, but it can also fry your brain. Shade your eyeballs and swap out that salty cap. While you're at it, make your mom proud by slapping on a layer of Salt & Stone sunblock.





Don't forget to bring a towel! Yeah, yeah, heard that one before. We've got 'em, plus a whole mess of other random goodies that you might not have thought about. Coolers, camping chairs, and Bluetooth speakers make a great pool session even better. Crack a cold one and let the good times roll.





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