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Entertainment System Part - Tampa Am 2017 - @nikesb #CheckMeSB profile - Call @austinthongvivong butter cuz this fool is on a roll! Hit the link in @tactics bio to see his journey to Tampa Am 2017 with the Nike SB crew! #TacticsSkate #NikeSB
If you havent seen @alexlobasyuks part in the #EntertainmentSystemVid then you are blowing it! Lucky for you its still live on our blog and, follow the link in@tactics bio and rectify yourself! by @goombaslayer #TacticsSkate #GESVid #GoombaSlayers
When you hear the bartender mention free beers Cheers @daltondern! #TacticsSkate
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Congrats to @steezy.ian, this weeks #RipperoftheWeek!Ians only been skating 3 years and is already flipping into rails, keep an eye on this one! Check out his Q&A on our blog and keep those #CatchaRip entries coming and you could be our next winner! #TacticsSkate
@austinthongvivong going through two kinks three times qualifies as a triple-double, right?His part is still live on our blog and, hit the link in @tactics bio and go check it out if you havent already! by @goombaslayer #GESVid #GoombaSlayers #TacticsSkate
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Ripper of the Week: Brandon R. | #catcharip

A post shared by Brandon Ross (@b.ross.flowstyle) on

Congratulations to #RipperoftheWeek Brandon R. of Pueblo West, CO! Brandon's freestyle skills made him stand out from the crowd and we're hyped to hook up someone who's sticking to their roots and exploring their creativity no matter what's trendy. We've got some goodies heading his way! Check the Q&A below and follow @b.ross.flowstyle for more freestyle flavor!

Keep your entries coming and you could be next week's winner! Remember, winners aren't chosen by their skill but by their creativity, style, stoke, and most importantly, how much fun they're having.

Yo Brandon! How long have you been ripping for?

I've been skating for at least 13 years on and off.

Favorite spot to #catcharip?

I have a few favorites. The Pueblo West skatepark has some of the best flat concrete in Colorado, I go there at least 1-2 times a week to practice. Whenever my mentor and only sponsor, Lynn Cooper from Reverse Wheels, wants to skate, that place becomes my temporary favorite. Lynn is a legend!

What's the story behind your winning post?

For that clip, I brought back some old moves that I don't normally practice just to challenge myself, like Casper variations and truckstands. The triple Cooper Flip was direct homage to Lynn. That was filmed at the Pueblo West skatepark with an LG G6 on a Scorpion mount.

What draws you to freestyle skateboarding over other styles?

Freestyle was always part of my skating even before I knew what it was. Freestyle is one of the original, pure forms of skateboarding, which is sort of a lost art. It's underappreciated and overlooked compared to other popular styles, but recently we've seen a resurgence in interest for it. I find freestyle to be a different language and skill set with seemingly limitless depth, which is exciting to me. Flowing flip tricks, footwork, balance moves, and 360 spins together without touching the ground in creative ways is so beautiful to me. Skating freestyle is a challenge that helped me learn discipline and patience, and it's become a lifetime journey of creating my own style and discovering great freestylers of the past decades. When our local skatepark didn't exist, I could find places to skate freestyle and no one would bother me. The board is you obstacle! Plus, it's fun skating to the rhythm of music.

Any thanks, shoutouts, or things you'd like to add?

Thank you: Tactics for re-introducing me to éS shoes when I was searching for more durable shoes for freestyle. Lynn Cooper and Reverse Wheels for keeping me rolling with the best freestyle wheels I've ever skated. MODE Skateboards for the awesome double kick freestyle board that has improved my skating. Decomposed for the Orion Trucks and always helping me out with setups. SoCo Board Shop for the Bronson G3 bearings in this video. Thank you to my family and the freestylers who help support my passion. Spread the stoked and go skate no matter how you do it! Be yourself and create your own style.


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