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Ripper Of The Week: Chris P. | #CatchARip


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Congratulations to #RipperoftheWeek, Chris P. of Las Vegas, NV! Looks like Chris hit the streets of The Strip and came up a big winner! We're gonna send out a Tactics Cerveza deck with Tactics griptape, a set of new Ricta Rapidos and a slew of other goodies! Check the Q&A below and follow @chrisperezlv for more shreddin'!

Keep your entries coming and you could be next week's winner! Remember, winners aren't chosen by their skill but by their creativity, style, stoke, and most importantly, how much fun they're having.

How's it, Chris? How long have you been ripping for?

I've been skateboarding for 10 years, maybe more. Time flies when you're having fun!

Favorite spot to #CatchARip?

My all-time favorite spot would be Lone Mountain Park here in Vegas. It has a little bit of everything: stairs, ledges, manny pads, etc.

What's the story behind your winning post?

My post was filmed by my good homies, Luis Zavala and Jesus "ET" Magdelano and it's just a few clips all around our playground; Las Vegas.

Any thanks, shoutouts, or things you'd like to add?

Yee shout out to Luis and ET for always being down to skate with me since day one!


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