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Ripper of the Week: Joseph C. | #CatchARIp

Congratulations to #RipperoftheWeek, Joseph C. from Orlando, FL! Got the 6-piece fresh out the grease! We haven't seen someone with casperflips like that since the 90s! We're gonna send out a Tactics Cerveza Deck with matching Tactics Griptape, a grip of stickers and some other goodies! Check the Q&A below and follow @flynblkman for more shreddin'!

Keep your entries coming and you could be next week's winner! Remember, winners aren't chosen by their skill but by their creativity, style, stoke, and most importantly, how much fun they're having.

Whatup, Joseph? Where you from and how long have you been ripping for?

I am from Roanoke, VA, but I currently reside in Orlando, FL for college. I've been skating for 14 years this September.

Favorite spot to #CatchARip?

My current favorite spot to skate is downtown Orlando in general, any time, any where.

What's the story behind your winning post?

In my winning post, I was at Candyland Skatepark in Longwood, FL. My best friend, Nick Murphy, shot it all on GoPro.

Any thanks, shoutouts, or things you'd like to add?

I wanna give a huge shoutout to my board sponsor @LockhartBoardCo and my boy Nick Murphy via @DomainApparel for the angles! I also wanna give a shoutout to @domain_apparel, @justchilllifestyle and @thewoodsskates! These guys and brands support me and keep me on the grind! Everything is a blessing, an honor and a privilege.


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