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Ripper of the Week: Kyle K. | #CatchARip


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Congratulations to #RipperoftheWeek, Kyle K. from Springfield, OR! Unfortunately, Kyle had a heart attack recently, but forutnately he's already back on the board and shredding again! We're gonna send out a Tactics Cerveza Deck with matching Tactics Griptape, a grip of stickers and some other goodies! Check the Q&A below and follow @kylekrueg for more shreddin'!

Keep your entries coming and you could be next week's winner! Remember, winners aren't chosen by their skill but by their creativity, style, stoke, and most importantly, how much fun they're having.

Whatup, Kyle? How long have you been ripping for?

I've been skating for 17 years now.

Favorite spot to #CatchARip?

My favorite spot to #CatchARip would have to be Tux (Springfield Skatepark) since I can take my kid with me.

What's the story behind your winning post?

It's the first clip [I filmed] after having a heart attack 3 weeks ago, and my buddy Josh filmed it for me.

Any thanks, shoutouts, or things you'd like to add?

Big thanks to my family and friends, and anyone and everyone who has supported skateboarding.


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