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Skate Spot Scavenger Hunt | Go Skate Day 2020

Attention Eugene, Portland & Bend Skaters!

Our Skate Spot Scavenger Hunt is on and just in time for Go Skate Day. Hit the spots and submit your clips for a chance to win a Tactics prize pack. Three winners will be chosen from each city based on the following:

  • Most Spots Submitted
    • (Prize pack includes custom-built complete and Tactics hoodie)
  • Most Creative Line or Trick
    • (Prize pack includes a deck, grip and a Tactics t-shirt or hat)
  • Best Trick 
    • (Prize pack includes a deck, grip and a Tactics t-shirt or hat)

How to Enter:

  1. Watch the video below to find the featured spots around respective town
  2. Go skate any of the spots highlighted in the video
  3. Submit video clips via Instagram through direct message and by tagging your feed and story posts with @tactics #tacticsskate #catcharip

Contest runs through Go Skate Day (6/21)

Disclaimer: Please keep it positive and be courteous to property owners when skating around town. If you get asked to leave, be respectful and move on. Negative attitudes will be disqualified.



  • 7th Ave Flatbar
  • Roosevelt
  • C Ledge
  • Charnel Mulligan Park
  • White Banks
  • Burches Gap
  • Hobo Ledge
  • Parking Garage Ledge
  • Amazon
  • Monroe Park
  • OC Rail
  • Brick Pads
  • Double Bench
  • Red Slappy Curbs
  • Train Song
  • Pacific Park
  • Fruit & Produce Rail



  • Esplanade
  • SW Waterfront
  • Pier Park
  • Lincoln
  • Ed Benedict
  • PCC
  • Red Wall
  • Davinci
  • Union Station
  • Unitus Plaza
  • Riverside Rail
  • Lloyd Center
  • Oregon City Waterfront



  • Newport Ledge
  • Stone Creek Upledge
  • Ponderosa
  • OSU Rail
  • Bus Barn Ledges
  • Hotel Gap
  • Silver Rail Benches
  • Rock Ridge Logs
  • S Ledge
  • Sisters
  • Downtown Rail
  • Old Ponderosa