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Skate Team Road Trip Top Picks

When you're hundreds of miles from home, you need gear you can depend on. We just spent a week on the road skating crusty spots and monstrous skateparks on the way to the Rip Ride Rally in Lincoln City, Oregon. Scroll below to check the gear we crammed in the van and trusted to keep us rolling.


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Team Picks: Skate Gear


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Dalton Dern's Setup

Dalton skates fast and is never afraid to fly. He skates 8.5 Tactics decks, Independent Trucks, Emerica shoes and was hyped to set up a fresh set of OJ Figgy Elite Wheels to keep him rolling fast all week.


Team Picks: Skate Shoes


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Anakin Senn's Setup

Anakin is calm and collected with an effortless style and a relentless determination to land a technical line at every spot. He skates 8.75 Blood Wizard decks, Ace Trucks and New Balance shoes. He started the trip by lacing up the NB# 379 for the first time and felt they had an excellent balance of board feel and all day support.


Team Picks: Clothing


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David Lobasyuk's Setup

David is at home in the streets and is usually the first dude in the crew to hop on a newly found handrail. He skates 8.3 decks, Independent Trucks, Vans Pro Skate shoes, and threw on some big boy Spitfire 68mm Classics to tackle the massive crusty transition of the Oregon coastal parks.