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Snow Brands You Should Know



 Born in Japan and tested in Niseko, one of the snowiest places on earth, it's only fitting the word 'Oyuki' means 'big snow' in Japanese. Utilizing high-quality materials with precise craftsmanship, Oyuki designs mittens and gloves that reflect the powder-filled environment they call home. 







Composed, shaped, and tested by legendary snow surfer Taro Tamai in Hokkaido, Japan, Gentemstick prides itself on high-quality, high-performance snowboards that bridge the gap between mountains and waves. With strict attention to every detail, these beautiful boards provide a connected feeling between rider and mother nature.







Established in our own backyard of Bend Oregon, Blackstrap has set the industry standard for quality and innovation when it comes to facemask design. Since 2008, Blackstrap has been committed to 100% American made products and works closely with regional artists for new designs and prints year after year. 






Meticulously designed and tested in the Austrian Alps by Wolfgang Nyvelt, ASMO began in 2006 as a passion project and has quickly turned into a full-fledged pow surfing movement. Drawing inspiration from surf-inspired shapes and combining elements from snow, surf, and skate, these boards offer something fresh, progressive, totally unique, and above all fun.







Conceptualized on the warm summer glaciers of Mt. Hood by 'Think Thank' legend Chris Beresford, Dang Shades are a product of necessity and a love of sliding sideways. You can't go wrong with simple aesthetics, affordability and 100% rider owned and operated.  







Since 2002, Academy has been true to the foundation of quality, progression, and individuals. Rider owned and operated by legends Chad Otterstrom and Jeff Baughn, Academy is focused on high performance, no gimmick boards that ride great year after year. 







Tested on Mt. Hood's glacier and designed at the base of the cascades in Bend, Oregon, Crab Grab has been helping riders get a grip for nearly a decade. From board tweaking devices to mitts, gloves, and apparel, 'The Biggest Little Company In Snowboarding' will keep you from slippin'.






Established by Joe Sexton and backed by a heavy team of up and coming riders, Public snowboards are built to handle endless laps on the rope tow and long sessions in the streets. With an art direction that is all their own led by designer Josh Manoles, Public creates boards that look as good as they ride. 






Based out of North Vancouver BC, Salmon Arms is a small independent company that produces some of the wildest prints, and coolest collab mitts on the market. Inspired by good times, friends, humor, and the great outdoors, Salmon Arm mitts are a product of an unwavering love for snowboarding.  






Performance, comfort, and affordability is the name of the game for Fix. With seamless tool-free adjustability and highly durable components, Fix offers gimmick-free bindings that are both strong and environmentally conscious thanks to an industry-first process called Regrind which transposes excess materials into the product packaging itself. 







Sustainably crafted in the heart of central Oregon, Snoplanks are built with a love for the mountains and waves alike. From hand shaping planks in the garage to pressing responsive, bamboo powder vessels, Snoplanks is a labor of love that strives for surfing white waves.