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Tactics x Sketchy Tank Release Party | Recap

We kicked off a party at Tactics Eugene with the man behind the mask to celebrate our limited Lurking Class collab decks & tees, featuring art from Sketchy Tank. Old friends, new homies, and fresh faces lined up to check the new goods, chow down on Sizzle Pie pizza and quench their thirst with local beers. Of course, the highlight of the night was the free tattoos from the Sketchy Tank crew. With limited spots available, those eager for ink tried their hands in Cee-Lo to claim their spot under the gun. The first ten lucky locals to roll the winning numbers went home with a gift they'll never forget. Thanks to all who come out to join in the good times!


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New cruiser or daily driver?

Be safe out there kids.

Perks of being the bartender.

Our newest shop dude, Alex S, churning out the goods.

Love birds.

Thank you Sizzle Pie!

Denim for days.

Them boys.

This dude was a pro. Ten perfect tattoos in only a few hours. Thank you!!

Clean lines, Sketchy Tank.

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