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Ride the Fire New goods just rolled in from @spitfirewheels including the @daewon1song Formula Four Lock-Ins. Swipe up on or story for all the new wheels, clothes & more. #spitfirewheels
Happy Friday from @joshmatthews_ down at our local DIY. Go skate! #tacticsskate
Miss SuperPark 2019 was off the hook and our girl @snore.a absolutely killed it. Head over to @snowboardermag to check out the full photo and video recaps. : @filmerd // #tacticssnow #snow #snowboarding #mssuperpark #snowboarderxxx
Classic style, natural board feel, Ultracush support and Duracap durability You can't go wrong with the Vans Pro Skate Collection. What are your favorite @vansskate shoes?Swipe up on our story for all the new colorways.
McTwist Monday? @dewbear1 making it look easy under sunny skies & excellent snow conditions @mtbachelor // :@pete_alport #tacticssnow #snow #snowboarding #mtbachelor
Tactics X Mervin trip 2019 is a wrap. Thank you @jonnywavis for feeding, hosting and inviting us up, and to @therealmtbakerskiarea for providing excellent conditions and terrain. Be on the lookout for 19/20 rider reviews from @libtechnologies@gnusnowboards@bentmetalbindingworks #tacticssnow #snowboarding #snow #libtech #mtbaker
You have an extra hour of daylight to burn! We have the goods to back you up. Hit the road, find your new favorite spots and start your summer early with our top picks for skate trips, sunny days, cloudy skies and everything in between. Swipe up on our story for the full collection.
Find your new ride @polarskateco. Swipe up on our story for 200+ new decks in every shape and size. #polarskateco
Fresh spring colors just arrived from @adidasskateboarding & @lucaspuig. Its suede toe, breathable side panels and low profile cupsole construction make the Lucas Premiere ADV one of our all-around favorites. What's your favorite adidas shoe?#adidasskateboarding #lucaspremiereADV #skateshoes

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Trever H.

POSITION: Brand Manager


Skate, snow or surf?
Skate and snowboard.

Any other hobbies?
Making art and music with my daughter. Cooking good food. Enjoying the outdoors with my family.

Any pre-Tactics experiences you'd like to share?
I lived the snow-bum life in Colorado for a few years to chase pow and figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. That led me to study graphic design and marketing while living in Portland for a few years. Now I get to do something I truly enjoy and call it "work". I followed my heart and my passions which has lead me to be a very happy individual. 

Any particular brands you're backing?
I try to back the industry as a whole but love to support brands who put the time and money into reducing enviromental impact.

Beverage of choice?
Well-brewed coffee and whiskey-gingers.

Favorite song/ band right now?
Decendants, Bad Religion, and Lagwagon have never let me down. 

Best thing about the Pacific NW? Worst thing?
Best thing is that you can skate, surf, and snowboard with ease. Worst thing, Oregon has the largest number of registered hate groups in the nation. Haters suck. 

What would you do if you won the lottery and retired from Tactics?
I'd buy a little ski resort with a nice big cabin for my friends to stay at. Then I'd build a skatepark on the property, and the world's biggest hot tub. A private chef might be a nice touch too.