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The Best Snowboarding Gear For Your Style

Weekend Warrior

You know who you are. You bust your ass all week so you can head to the hill all weekend. You don’t get to pick and choose your days, you ride Saturday and/or Sunday, rain or shine, as long as your budget allows. Finding the perfect balance of performance and price is key for any hard working Weekend Warrior. 

Budget Friendly Outerwear

With so many great options, budget friendly outerwear has never performed or looked better. These pants and jackets provide the comfort and protection you need for a weekend of ripping. 

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Tip: We highly recommend getting a good set of moisture-wicking base layers for added warmth and comfort.

Do-It-All Boards, Bindings & Boots

You spend all week making tough decisions so why over complicate your choice of equipment? Keep it simple and fun with gear that’s designed to rip in all conditions and terrain. 

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Do-It-All Bindings

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Do-It-All Boots

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  • Carpool. Save yourself some cash and fill empty seat with fellow rippers (who have gas money).
  • Get there early. The early bird gets the goods, and on the weekend it’s more-true than ever.
  • Pack a lunch. Bring grub that fuels you up and can be eaten on the fly. Less standing around means more ripping. 
  • Be courteous. Stay cool and don't be the guy making a scene or barging through the crowd. 
  • Thank the Lifties. Lift operators are the ones that keep things running smoothly. Give em' a high-five!

Park Rat

Let's face it, rails and boxes are hard on equipment and it's inevitable that your gear will get a little beat up. We recommend keeping your budget low so your fun-factor can stay sky high. 

Lightweight & On-Trend Outerwear

You don’t need a ton of waterproofing or insulation to ride park. Keep it stylish and functional with water-resistant riding hoodies and lightweight street-inspired pants and jackets.

Park Boards, Bindings & Boots

You need the ability to press, poke and tweak at any given moment which is why mid to soft flexing boards, boots and bindings are recommended for dedicated park riders. Lucky for you, park gear is some of the more “budget friendly” gear available.

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Park Bindings

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Park Boots

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  • Learn to fix it. Damages to your gear is going to happen. Learn how to repair you board.
  • Layer up. If you want to keep your look casual, think about adding a couple layers. You’ll thank us later.
  • Detune. Before you ride your new board, file down those contact points so you don’t hang up on takeoff or landing.

Powder Hound

The last thing you want is to be numb, soaked or stuck while your buddies score the goods that mother nature provides. Save up and score some top-of-the-line gear to ensure you get as many laps as possible in some of nature's harshest elements. 

Ultimate Performance Outerwear

Crafted with the best materials on the market, ultimate performance outerwear is sure to keep you dry, warm and comfortable in the most adverse weather conditions.

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Powder/Freeride Boards, Bindings & Boots

Designed for easy float and fast response, these are the boards, bindings and boots you want for the steepest and deepest days. Say good-bye to tomahawking and say hello to getting barreled in the great white wave.

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Powder/Freeride Bindings

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Powder/Freeride Boots

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  • The right friends on a powder day. Keep your crew tight and face-shot focused.
  • Setback your stance. A little extra nose goes a long ways.
  • Extra goggles or lens. You don’t want one yard sale to end your day.  


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