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New Deal Useless Remix DVD

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An utterly useless collection of skateboarding trickery and unrelated antics from the same degenerates that brought you NEW DEAL in the early 90’s. Bonus content includes a full length best-of video '90-'92, with new footage remixed by Socrates.

Release Date
  • 2019
Media Type
  • DVD
Featured Riders
  • Andy Howell, Ron Knigge, Steve Douglas, John Montesi, Danny Sargent, Chris Hall, Andrew Morrison, Rene Matthyssen, Fred Olande, Justin Girard, Rick Ibaseta, Ed Templeton, Mike Vallely, Armondo Barajas, Hazze Lindgren
  • 15 Minute Promo
  • *Useless Wooden Toys
  • Twelve Eighty-OIne
  • Bonus Content