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Free Shipping - Orders Over $60

Chevron Stamp II 7.5 255 Shape Skateboard Deck


Chevron Stamp II 7.5 255 Shape Skateboard Deck

Color: gray
Size: 7.5 Size Chart
Grip Tape:
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Size: 7.5
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Deck Shape
  • Popsicle Deck
  • Mini Logo Construction
  • 255 Shape

Mini Logo Construction - Mini Logo decks are manufactured from 7 plies of the finest grade, hard rock maple, with high strength, water resistant glue using the same unique “AirLam” presses as other top of the line decks.

The bottom of Mini Logo decks are treated with a multi-layer coating consisting of a wood sealer layer, two full length colored ink layers, and a clear coat of SST™ slide treatment for longer slides.


255 Shape - Mellow nose and tail angles allow for responsive pop and flatter, leveled out flip tricks.

K20 Concave: Mellow

Angle Tail: 18º

Angle Nose: 18º

Width (in):7.5
Length (in):30.7
Wheelbase (in):13.75
Nose (in):6.5
Tail (in):6.25
Concave (in):.313

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