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Bootlegger 39.5" Complete Longboard

Size: 39.5in
Size: 39.5in
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The Moonshine MFG Bootlegger 39.5" complete longboard has a flexible construction and wide standing platform for carving big lines and pushing around town. Moonshine fully sealed the rails with 60d urethane to protect against impacts and dramatically enhance the life of the board. The drop-through truck mounts also come lined with urethane to absorb road vibrations and provide a smoother ride. Like all Moonshine longboards, the Bootlegger includes a waterproof guarantee to keep you cruising year-round in any weather.

Ride Style
  • Freeride
Mounting Style
  • Drop Through
Deck Profile
  • Rocker
Deck Shape
  • Symmetrical
Deck Features
  • Adjustable Wheelbase
  • Cutouts
  • Mild Concave
Grip Type
  • Black Grip Tape
Deck Features
  • Waterproof
  • Urethane Rails and Truck Mounts
  • Precision Machined Truck Mounts
  • Compression Molded CNC Machined Wheel Wells
  • Laser Cut Roam Griptape
  • 30-Day Performance Guarantee
Truck Options
  • Arsenal 180mm 50 Degree Trucks
Wheels & Bearings
  • ABEC 7 Bearings
  • White Lightning 70mm Slip Wheels
  • Moonshine MFG is based in Oregon, but hand crafts each board in Washington, USA
Ride Style

Freeride - Featuring concaves that create pockets for your feet and shorter wheelbases, freeride boards are meant to make power slides as natural as your choice to skate.

Mounting Style

Drop Through - Drop Through boards lower your center of gravity giving you a more responsive and stable ride.

Deck Profile

Rocker - Rocker decks are great for both downhill and freeride. You'll feel snug and secure on a rocker profile and is especially useful for freeride beginners.

Deck Shape

Symmetrical - If you ever think you want to ride your board backwards (freeride/freestyle) then a symmetrical longboard shape will help you with the learning curve. Other than that, it's all preference.

Deck Features

Adjustable Wheelbase - A board with an adjustable wheelbase will have multiple truck mounting positions so you can find what exact wheelbase works best for you. Move your axles in for quicker pop, increased agility, higher traction, and lower swing weight; move them out for greater stability and more lean.

Cutouts - Cutouts around the wheels provide the extra space required to prevent wheelbite.


Mild Concave - Most longboards have a mild concave to give your feet natural curves to lock into. Choosing the right concave can be tough because it's all personal preference but mild concave is always a good place to start.

Deck Features

Waterproof - Full composite construction, urethane rails and urethane truck mounts create a waterproof, sealed deck with added vibration dampening. You can ride year around in any weather condition with confidence – without fear of de-lamination or cracking due to water penetrating the wood core.

Urethane Rails and Truck Mounts - Full urethane rails and truck mounts offer industry leading durability. These curb breaking rails will keep your deck on the street longer than most decks.

Precision Machined Truck Mounts - Moonshine truck mounts are 100% level. Urethane truck mounts are precision machined for trusted accuracy. This translates to confidence and performance at high speeds.

Compression Molded CNC Machined Wheel Wells - All wheel wells are machined prior to the deck's compression molding process. This delivers additional structural integrity compared to traditional longboards where structural integrity is lost after pressing.

Wheel wells help prevent wheel bite by providing more clearance between the wheel and the underside of your deck. More wheel clearance allows you to take sharper turns without experiencing bite.

Laser Cut Roam Griptape - Factory installed, laser cut Roam grip tape keeps you locked in.

30-Day Performance Guarantee - Moonshine MFG’s exclusive 30-day performance guarantee gives you the confidence you're investing with the right brand, and that you're getting the right board for you.

Here's how it works: If you are not completely satisfied with your Moonshine board within the first 30 days of purchase, Moonshine offers a one-time exchange for another Moonshine board of your choosing. Receipt is required and the purchase must be registered through Moonshine MFG (certain rules apply).

Truck Options

Arsenal 180mm 50 Degree Trucks - With extremely low tolerances and superior engineering, Arsenal trucks are the strongest cast trucks on the market. Arsenal trucks have a bushing seat that complements the hanger's aggressive geometry and allows for ample lean and stability.

Hardened Alloy Steel Axles

90a Tall Barrel Arsenal C4 Bushings

Grade 8 Pressed-in Kingpin = Zero Slop

Flip-able Hanger with Custom Kingpin Hole Geometry to Maximize Bushing Contact

Wheels & Bearings

ABEC 7 Bearings - ABEC 7 bearings are polished and shined to a high tolerance. A higher tolerance bearing provides a more precise and efficient wheel rotation for added speed and less wear over time.

White Lightning 70mm Slip Wheels - After rigorous 'thane testing, Moonshine MFG found their White Lighting XXX formula produced the most rowdy results for the SLIP wheel. The pre-ground, center-set White Lightning 70mm Slip is a freeride specialist, delivering the capacity for high-speed slides and just enough grip to hold on downhill. Get loose!

Width (in):9.125
Length (in):39.5
Wheelbase (in):29.75 - 30.5
Concave (in):.375
Rocker (in):.5

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