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Moonshine MFG Spirit 34" Longboard Deck

Size: 34in
Size: 34in
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The Moonshine MFG Spirit 34" longboard deck has a smaller standing platform to accomadate lighter riders or those who just prefer a compact stance. The stiff, single-ply construction is highly responsive at speed and comes sealed with urethane rails to prevent edge damage. The deck's mild concave allows you to rail turns and initiate deep slides, while a slight micro-drop keeps your feet securely tucked-in when red-lining down hills.

Ride Style
  • Downhill
Mounting Style
  • Top Mount
Deck Profile
  • Micro Drop
Deck Shape
  • Directional
Deck Features
  • Wheel Wells/Flares
  • Mild Concave
  • Adjustable Wheel Base
Grip Type
  • Black Grip
Deck Features
  • Waterproof
  • Urethane Rails and Truck Mounts
  • Precision Machined Truck Mount
  • Compression Molded CNC Machined Wheel Wells
  • Laser Cut Roam Griptape
  • 30-Day Performance Guarantee
  • Moonshine MFG is based in Oregon, but hand crafts each board in Washington, USA
Ride Style

Downhill - Downhill is like freefall; something to be experienced, not described. Downhill incorporates elements of carving, freestyle, and freeride with the main focus on the thrill of speed. Look for technical features using everything from fiberglass, to w-concave, urethane bumpers, and a plethora of materials. Get your full face helmet and pucks out, and head to the hills.

Mounting Style

Top Mount - The classic skate mount. Trucks are mounted from the top to sit flush with the bottom of the board for that proven ride and feel (as opposed to drop-through mounts, which are mounted through the board to lower your center of gravity).

Deck Profile

Micro Drop - Characterized by, yep you guessed it, a small drop from where the truck baseplate attaches to the deck to where your feet stand, micro drop decks are versatile and add stability to your ride.

Deck Shape

Directional - Directional boards might have concave towards the front, maybe the tail is tapered, it could be shaped to have a fatter nose than tail, and it probably feels awkward if you hop on backwards. However, when you want to pump a board, or you want to have something that sets you up for the fastest line, directional boards are great. Whether you are looking for a really responsive directional board for carving and cruising or a precision downhill deck, a directional board could be in your future.

Deck Features

Wheel Wells/Flares - For the boards that don't need full wheel cutouts, wheel wells are beveled out of the board to give the extra clearance needed to avoid wheelbite.

Mild Concave - With the right concave underfoot you'll feel you can skate anything. Concavity can be seen if you look at a board straight down the nose to the tail. Mild concave shows as a slight rise towards the edges of the deck giving your feet plenty of places to lock in. Choosing the right concave can be tough because it's all personal preference, but you can't go wrong if you don't already have a preference.

Adjustable Wheel Base - Sometimes you want a highly maneuverable setup that can navigate around people and cars in the city and turn on a dime. Other times you want a longer wheelbase for stability at speed. A board with an adjustable wheel base will have multiple truck mounting positions so you can change your setup according to your environment.

Deck Features

Waterproof - Full composite construction, urethane rails and urethane truck mounts create a waterproof, sealed deck with added vibration dampening. You can ride year around in any weather condition with confidence – without fear of de-lamination or cracking due to water penetrating the wood core.

Urethane Rails and Truck Mounts - Full urethane rails and truck mounts offer industry leading durability. These curb breaking rails will keep your deck on the street longer than most decks.

Precision Machined Truck Mount - Moonshine truck mounts are 100% level. Urethane truck mounts are precision machined for trusted accuracy. This translates to confidence and performance at high speeds.

Compression Molded CNC Machined Wheel Wells - All wheel wells are machined prior to the deck's compression molding process. This delivers additional structural integrity compared to traditional longboards where structural integrity is lost after pressing.

Wheel wells help prevent wheel bite by providing more clearance between the wheel and the underside of your deck. More wheel clearance allows you to take sharper turns without experiencing bite.

Laser Cut Roam Griptape - Factory installed, laser cut Roam grip tape keeps you locked in.

30-Day Performance Guarantee - Moonshine MFG’s exclusive 30-day performance guarantee gives you the confidence you're investing with the right brand, and that you're getting the right board for you.

Here's how it works: If you are not completely satisfied with your Moonshine board within the first 30 days of purchase, Moonshine offers a one-time exchange for another Moonshine board of your choosing. Receipt is required and the purchase must be registered through Moonshine MFG (certain rules apply).

Width (in):9.0
Length (in):34.0
Wheelbase (in):22.5 - 25.5
Concave (in):.45
Flares (in):.5

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