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4WD Snowboard Wax

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Color: warm
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If you are struggling to get down the mountain, you better wax up with the 4WD wax from One Ball Jay. Get the full coverage you need for the temperature you will be riding in and see why those extra couple seconds really count.

Temperature Guide
  • Cold 12 - 23°F
  • Cool 21 - 28°F
  • Warm 26 - 32°F
  • 4WD Wax
  • Hot Wax
Weight (g)
  • 165.0
Temperature Guide

Cold 12 - 23°F - Cold wax formula performs best in 23° to 12° F [-5° to -11° C]. The bottom line: cold wax is ideal for colder temperatures. Science at work.

Cool 21 - 28°F - Cool wax formula performs best in 28° to 21° F [-2° to -6° C]. The bottom line: cool wax is ideal for cooler temperatures. Science at work.

Warm 26 - 32°F - Warm wax formula performs best in 32° to 26° F [0° to -3° C]. The bottom line: warm wax is ideal for warmer temperatures. Science at work.


4WD Wax - Hydrocarbon snowboard wax, no additives, pure and simple to use, the best value in the industry. Now available in Warm and Cold wax re-formulations for an even wider range and speed.

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by Devon K in West Jorrdan, UT (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/22/2016
One Ball Jay 4WD Snowboard Wax - cold
This wax has treated me well, my board glides down the slopes. Even during the warmer days, I have used it as a nice base layer, then reapplied another layer of warm wax.
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