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O'Neill 5mm Gooru Lobster Mitt Wetsuit Gloves

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Color: black
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Color: black
Size: M
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The O'Neill 5mm Gooru Lobster mitt wetsuit gloves have been redesigned with an improved anatomical fit and include Liquid Rubber seams to prevent leaks. The thick, highly flexible Technobutter exterior promises heavy-duty protection in the coldest surf.
Max Thickness
  • 5mm
  • 100% Technobutter
  • 100% Liquid Rubber Sealed Exterior
  • Anatomical Glove Fit
  • Plasma Wrist Seals
Max Thickness

The warmth of a wetsuit largely depends on the thickness of its neoprene. Measured in millimeters (mm), a thicker suit will generally keep you warmer. However, a thicker suit will also weigh more and be less flexible, resulting in greater paddling fatigue and reduced performance. The goal is to choose a suit that is not unnecessarily thick for your local conditions.

To achieve a balance between warmth and performance, most wetsuits use a combination of neoprene thicknesses. Thicker panels are generally used in the chest, back, and lower body, while thinner panels are used through the arms and shoulders for greater flexibility and easier paddling. A suit’s particular combination of neoprene thickness is reflected in the name of the suit itself. For example, a “4/3mm” wetsuit uses both 4mm and 3mm neoprene. A “2mm” wetsuit is made entirely of 2mm neoprene. The thickness we list here refers only to the thickest neoprene used in the suit. More detailed information on the thicknesses used and their placement is listed below.

Keep in mind that additional features such as advanced seam construction, insulated lining, and hoods greatly impact the warmth of a wetsuit. The presence of these features can compensate for the reduced warmth of thinner neoprene, offering greater performance while retaining overall warmth. For example, a higher-end 4/3mm wetsuit with sealed seams and interior thermal lining will likely stay as warm as an economical 5/4mm wetsuit that does not have those features.


100% Technobutter - The most advanced super stretch neoprene available on the market. 20% lighter, 30% less water absorption with quick dry properties.

100% Liquid Rubber Sealed Exterior - A water-proof exterior layer for wind and water chill protection.

Anatomical Glove Fit - Contours to your hand for a natural, comfortable fit.

Plasma Wrist Seals - Reduces flushing and ensures a better seal.

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Closer to perfect...
by Taylor Olson in Newport, OR (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 10/27/2016
O'Neill 5mm Gooru Lobster Mitt Wetsuit Gloves - black
I love the semi-mitt effect. My hands stay so much warmer, and thus my whole body does. It's amazing.
The only "buts" are: Not sure how well the palm cover will hold up - getting a little fuzzy after only a couple encounters with the rocks. Not sure the palm is 5mm, as it looks noticeably thinner than the rest - at the cuff. Which is the last concern... I wish they were a little longer (And, full thickness), as I get some suit sleeve push off on occasion - hand drag/wipe out - far more than I have with my 5mm psycho five finger gloves... But, in the end the increased warmth is worth it. If the palm coating material holds up, I'll get more.
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