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Paisley Skates

Paisley co-founders and artists Sean Cliver and Paul Urich share a love of lowbrow imagery and concept driven illustration, which results in a style that sets them apart from the group. The Paisley collective consists of artists and friends, something that makes it feel like a home for every skater that didn’t quite fit in. The real difference however is how these boards skate and feel; all their decks are produced and designed at PS Stix. And opting for the old school silk screen printing process proves Paisley cares deeply about what they do, and it shows in their product. Pick something different, pick Paisley.

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Paisley Paranoid Tiers T-Shirt - whitePaisley Paranoid Tiers T-Shirt white $17.95 (36% off)
Paisley Hang Lucifer T-Shirt - greyPaisley Hang Lucifer T-Shirt grey $17.95 (36% off)
Paisley Finland T-Shirt - orangePaisley Finland T-Shirt orange $17.95 (36% off)
Paisley St. Sebastian T-Shirt - greenPaisley St. Sebastian T-Shirt green $17.95 (36% off)