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Free Shipping - Orders Over $60

Public Vans Snowboard 2022

Coming Soon
Estimated availability late October 2021

Ride Style
Park / Freestyle
Ideal for boxes, rails and jumps. Turn the hill into your own skatepark
Offers the most pop and response, stable at speed
Freestyle focused shape that rides identical both directions
Medium Soft
Forgiving flex with added support for versatility

What the heck?! Vans x Public?? Yup. You saw that right! Two of the most epic companies in the game put their thinkers together and thought up this modern park-board. If you're the kind of person who likes to ride an 8.5" skate deck on the streets, this board is built for you. Added width in the center gives you stability for bigger feet and even bigger landings, with the pop of a full camber board and a little bit of flat at the contact point for a broken in feel that isn't catchy. Don't fail to notice, this board also features four 20mm wide quad carbon strips in the tip and tail for a serious boost in pop and a poplar wood core for a smooth and consistent flex.

  • Poplar Wood Core
  • Carbon Stringers
  • Biax Glass
  • Sintered Base
  • Public Snowboards x Vans
  • Urethane Sidewalls

Poplar Wood Core - Public's Poplar Core is made of 100% FCS certified poplar wood. Popular is the most common type of wood used in snowboard cores for its unbeatable strength to weight ratio and is why they make the majority of their boards with this core.


Carbon Stringers - Carbon increases pop and liveliness while enhancing the strength of the board.

Biax Glass - All Public Snowboards are made using Biax fiberglass. Biax fiberglass creates a consistent and smooth flexing snowboard tip to tail while allowing the board to stay nimble and predictable.


Sintered Base - A Sintered base absorbs wax better than Extruded, meaning you get more speed than with an Extruded base. They are however not as durable as Extruded.


Urethane Sidewalls - Urethane sidewalls are used in all Public boards for their superior dampening properties compared to the industry standard ABS and P-tex sidewalls. Urethane sidewalls are more durable against impact on rocks or rails to prevent your board from delaminating when you get caught slippin’ in the park or backcountry.

Width:Standard Mid-Wide Mid-Wide
Suggested Boot Size (US):10 & under 11 & under 11.5 & under
Waist Width (cm):25.2 25.6 25.9
Stance Set Back (in):0 0 0
Sidecut Radius (m):7.7 8.0 8.2
Effective Edge (cm):114.0 118.0 121.0
Tip Width (cm):29.3 29.8 30.2
Tail Width (cm):29.3 29.8 30.2