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Actions REALized X Why So Sad 8.06 Skateboard Deck


Actions REALized X Why So Sad 8.06 Skateboard Deck

Size: 8.06 Size Chart
Grip Tape:
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Size: 8.06
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A portion of the proceeds form the sale of this board will go directly to the WhySoSad? Mission for suicide prevention and research into treatment for major depression.

Deck Shape
  • Popsicle Deck
  • Traditional 7-Ply
  • Medium Concave
Top Graphic Text
  • "The WhySoSad? mission for mental health is the third annual fundraiser I’ve organized in memory of my sister, Katrina, and now more recently, tragically, in memory of Ben Raemers as well. The mission is twofold: raise funds for organizations doing good work in the field of mental health and simplify the conversation around this subject. I hope that one day we’ll be able to talk about depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts the same way we talk about a swellbow. I hope that each of us will have the skills to help ourselves and each other through the storm whenever things get rough." - John Rattray

Traditional 7-Ply - Traditional for a reason. Standard 7-ply wood construction gives you a deck that's durable, sturdy and poppy without breaking the bank.

Width (in):8.06
Length (in):31.5
Wheelbase (in):14.0
Nose (in):6.75
Tail (in):6.5
Concave (in):.375