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Sector 9 69mm Slalom Top Shelf Longboard Wheels

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white (78a)
Color: white (78a)
Size: 69mm Size Chart
Size: 69mm
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The Sector 9 69mm Slalom Top Shelf longboard wheels have a sharp, flexible lip and soft durometer. Slalom wheels excel at carving, but are also great for pushing around town. Once broken in, these wheels deliver buttery slides without abrupt hook-ups.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Ride Style
  • Downhill
  • Carving/Cruising
  • 78a
Core Placement
  • Offset
Wheel Edge
  • Square Lip
Surface Type
  • Smooth
Wheel Features
  • Top Shelf Formula
Ride Style

Downhill - Whether you picked up skating to break the sound barrier with supersonic speed, or you commandeered your brother's abandoned skateboard as something to do with friends, now you're here. Now you're ready to bomb hills, practice pre-drifting, get footage, and get the adrenalin rush of your life. To go fast and stay in control you want a big wheel with a lot of contact with the pavement. The softer wheels are grippier, but eventually the wheel will lose speed if it is too soft. Cores in downhill wheels can be vented, centered, or offset depending on what you are looking for. It all comes down to the quality of 'thane under your board and your ability to rail a corner.

Carving/Cruising - For cruising park trails, taking big turns through your neighborhood, and general transportation riding; carving/cruising wheels meet the needs of many different skate disciplines. They fall in the middle of the size scale so you can ride down medium grade hills with some of the stability bigger wheels offer, but have the faster and larger range of motion of smaller wheels. Often, this category is great for beginners because the wheels tend to be softer, making them grippier. If you are looking to try slides look for wheels with a stone ground finish and/or a rounded lip. If your daily shredding includes a hill or two, try some bigger cruiser wheels with a square lip. No matter what you choose, carving/cruising wheels are going to be fun!


78a - Soft and gooey, this is the most common durometer we see in the longboard/cruiser wheel world. These wheels have great grip for cornering and easily rolls over cracks, small rocks, and rough surfaces without tripping you up. When sliding, 78a wheels have a tendency to smear across the surface of the road, offer great control, slow you down rapidly, wear quickly, and leave thane lines. Ideal for cruising, carving, freeride, and downhill.

Urethane skate wheels generally range from 75a-101a, the numbers increase with the hardness of the wheel.

Core Placement

Offset - Offset wheels have cores that are placed somewhere between centerset and sideset. Offset wheels give the rider the best of both worlds. Most downhill wheels and many freeride wheels are offset for a more forgiving slide initiation and hookup, while still providing ample grip and control in the slide.

Wheel Edge

Square Lip - Square lips provide the most grip and allow you to carve deeper and corner tighter without worrying about losing traction. Square lip wheels are generally preferred for downhill riding.

Surface Type

Smooth - Smooth wheels have a shiny coating on their surface that is commonly referred to as its skin or mold release. Smooth wheels are generally preferred for their grip and traction.

Wheel Features

Top Shelf Formula - Sector 9's premium quality Urethane formula that provides you with an ultra-smooth and evenly wearing wheel to keep you rolling for years to come.

Diameter (mm):69.0
Contact Patch (mm):49.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):1/2 +
Overall Rating
Reviewed by 8 customers

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As Always good Stuff
by Tommy McGee (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 10/30/2017
Sector 9 69mm Slalom Top Shelf Longboard Wheels - purple (78a)
These have been to the best ride and durable set of wheels for distance long boading,
0 person has found this review helpful
by Yailin Gonzalez in Bronx, NY (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 8/30/2017
Sector 9 69mm Slalom Top Shelf Longboard Wheels - red (78a)
So smooth and easy to instal
0 person has found this review helpful
sweet sweet sweet wheels
by John
Posted on 6/13/2016
Sector 9 69mm Slalom Top Shelf Longboard Wheels
unreal, texture was just what I was looking for, sexy and white, nice shapes. I just can't put them down. more later...
3 people have found this review helpful
Great grip, great looks, great feels, GREAT WHEELS!
by Riley C in Webster, NY (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/9/2015
Sector 9 69mm Slalom Top Shelf Longboard Wheels (Closeout) - red (78a)
I'm going to flat out say these are incredible wheels. They look amazing, they are super soft, smooth ride, fast, and really durable. They aren't the best for sliding (chatter a bit), but they are great for going fast and staying on the ground
6 people have found this review helpful
by MichiganBomber
Posted on 4/23/2015
Sector 9 69mm Slalom Top Shelf Longboard Wheels
lets me hop between cars like a dream. surprisingly awesome for down hill because you can carve without sliding. lets me weave in and out of the crowded sidewalks of tourist season like i own the sidewalk. Great looking, soft, and a grip that even a working man has to respect. Slap these on your carver with some smooth bearings and wipe that tear of joy away, because you're cruising.
10 people have found this review helpful
by Tony C in Sarasota, FL (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/13/2015
Sector 9 Slalom 69mm Top Shelf Longboard Wheels - red (78a)
Great crusing/carving soft wheel
3 people have found this review helpful

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Asked by jacob on 4/29/2015
could i put these on a regular skateboard deck if i added risers?
Answered by Jerome J (Tactics Employee) on 4/30/2015
Ya definitely! We'd recommend at least 1/4" risers for wheels that big though.
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