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Whammy Bars

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Used to create a vibrato sound on your guitar. No wait, that's the other kind of whammy bar. Spark R&D makes a Whammy Bar too. It's used to replace your run of the mill climbing wire for quick change high-to-low-stowed action. Simply use your hand to flip the bar from 12°, back again for 18°, then flip all the way forward to store for the flats.

Spark R&D Tech
  • Convenience
  • Extras
  • Replaces stock climbing wire.
Spark R&D Tech

Convenience - Drop in and remove while skinning, without removing your bindings

Extras - Includes new storage bag to protect other gear in your pack.

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Closer to perfect
by Brian
Posted on 12/3/2018
Spark R&D Whammy Bars
I am always a bit jealous of how easily my skier friends with tech bindings can use their poles to flip climbing heights. This gets us just that much closer. Did my first tour with them this past weekend and I didn't have to bend down once. Of course the other key is to keep the metal-metal contact between the climbing wire are binding base lubed properly. I use a quick spray of teflon lube every 3-4 times out. Now I gotta buy a set for the wife.
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Bought these for a friend
by Matt Hogan in Milwaukie, OR (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 4/10/2018
Spark R&D Whammy Bars
I wish he would buy me some. They're cool and look better than bending down.
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I can reach them
by Eric McKenna in Dillon, CO (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/22/2017
Spark R&D Whammy Bars
They make lowering the heel bar way easier. Had a hard time trying to reach under the boot and thought about rigging something like these up. But they were already out there ??
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Not well engineered
by Douglas Murphy in Watertown, MA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/18/2017
Spark R&D Whammy Bars
A good attempt but ultimately comes up short. They are very difficult to get up and down. The small tab you push/pull puts too much pressure on one side, making them stick.
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