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Spitfire Mountain Formula Four Pro Skateboard Wheels

lifers pink/yellow (99d)
Color: lifers pink/yellow (99d)
Size: Size Chart
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  • Set of 4 Wheels
Wheel Profile
  • Wide
  • Smooth
Pro Model
  • Lance Mountain
Key Features
  • Formula Four Urethane
  • Conical Full Shape
  • 99a
Wheel Profile

You may notice a discrepancy between what we designate a wide, standard or narrow and what the brands do. This classification is our opinion based on years of skating, as well as looking at the profile of the wheel as it compares to what we believe is a standard profile. You just have to trust us on this.

Wide - Wide wheels provide more traction and stability at high speed, so you'll be less likely to slip out of your line.


Smooth - Smooth wheels have less surface friction than treaded wheels and are easier to slide.

Key Features

Formula Four Urethane - Unmatched abrasion resistance for fewer flat spots. More controllable grip. Lasting speed no matter the terrain. Smooth anti-slick slide and a longer lasting size and shape.


Conical Full Shape - Wider riding surface and cutaway design for unmatched control and lasting speed.


99a - Best used in pools and parks with a little more grip than harder wheels, and a little more slide than softer wheels. Ideal for moderately skilled riders who also want to skate street when needed. Hard enough that sliding is a breeze while soft enough for a smooth roll and plenty of grip.

Most urethane skate wheels generally range from 75a-101a, the numbers increase with the hardness of the wheel.

Diameter (mm):
Width (mm):
Riding Surface (mm):
Suggested Riser Size (in):N/A1/81/8 - 1/4

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Asked by Chris on 5/9/2017
What shape are the wheels? Conical Full?
Answered by Graig A (Tactics Employee) on 5/10/2017
These are a Conical Full shape
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