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Spring Break

Spring Break Snowboards was conceptualized in 2010 by artist/snowboarder Corey Smith and his friends. Their vision was to create an art project in the form of a fictional snowboard company with zero creative boundaries. At the height of homogenized twin-tip snowboard design, Spring Break set out to deconstruct modern snowboarding and re-introduce the beauty of the sport through its surf style roots. The focus was to find grace in simply turning a snowboard and explore the mountain from an entirely different perspective.

Price Range
Spring Break Kooks T-Shirt - whiteSpring Break Kooks T-Shirt white $17.95 (44% off)
Spring Break Kooks T-Shirt - blackSpring Break Kooks T-Shirt black $17.95 (44% off)
Spring Break E.T. T-Shirt - whiteSpring Break E.T. T-Shirt white $17.95 (44% off)
Spring Break Block Hoodie - pinkSpring Break Block Hoodie pink $35.95 (44% off)
Spring Break Slasher Hoodie - blackSpring Break Slasher Hoodie black $35.95 (44% off)
Spring Break Team Coach Jacket - blackSpring Break Team Coach Jacket black $35.95 (44% off)
Spring Break Surf Club T-Shirt - blackSpring Break Surf Club T-Shirt black $17.95 (44% off)
CAPiTA Spring Break Twins Snowboard 2019CAPiTA Spring Break Twins Snowboard 2019 $499.95 (COMING SOON)