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Spy Ace Protect Our Winters Goggles

pow/happy green spectra lens + happy lucid silver lens
Color: pow/happy green spectra lens + happy lucid silver lens
Color: pow/happy green spectra lens + happy lucid silver lens
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Frame Size
Standard fit with average frame width and depth
Lens Shape
Nearly flat lenses that offer a standard field of vision
Lens Swap
Quick Change
Swap your lenses on-the-go with minimum effort
Lens Tech
Increased UV protection, glare reduction and optical clarity
This year, Spy is running their tried and true Ace goggles partnering with "Protect Our Winters" (POW), a climate change organization implemented by Jeremy Jones. Hit the slopes in style sporting the POW name with Quick Draw Lens changeability and 100% UV Protection. The Ace POW also comes with Anti-Fog Lenses, Scoop Venting and Dual Lens Construction for maximum fog prevention. The Cylindrical, Happy Lens is the only contrast and color enhancing lens that maximizes the sun's "good" rays for a wicked new view of the hill. It's like looking at life through an Instagram filter. The Flexible PU Frame with Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam grants you all day, moisture-wicking comfort even in the coldest conditions. Put on a pair of Ace POWs and get out there and start Protecting Our Winters!
Frame Features
  • Flexible PU Frame
  • Quick Draw Lens Change
  • Silicone Ribbed
  • Scoop Venting
  • Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam
Lens Features
  • Cylindrical Lenses
  • Happy Lens
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti-Fog Lenses
  • Dual Lens Construction
Bonus Lens VLT
  • Spy Happy Lucid Silver Lens
Excels In
  • Sunny
Frame Features

Flexible PU Frame - No stiffies. Spy's polyurethane frames flex perfectly to match your face no matter what temperatures Jack Frost throws at you.

Quick Draw Lens Change - Utilizing a sliding lever to swiftly release an injected clyindrical lens. Quick Draw gives you the upper hand to duel with every changing weather conditions on the fly.

Silicone Ribbed - Designed to keep your goggles in place, this thin strip of silicone on our strap goes the distance.

Scoop Venting - Spy's patented Scoop venting system dramatically reduces lens fogging by promoting airflow behind the lens. The Scoop system forces air through strategically placed vents of varying aperture on the goggle frame to shut down fog. Your vision will thank you.

Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam - Spy's Isotron foam is made of three different densities, each one adding to the comfort and functionality of your goggles. The topmost layer features Spy’s moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece—super-soft and comfortable, this fleece wicks the sweat away from your face and out through the foam.

Lens Features

Cylindrical Lenses - Low-profile lenses with that classic look. More flexible than spherical lenses, they conform perfectly to any face. Cylindrical lenses provide unmatched protection and style without breaking the bank.

Happy Lens - SPY's color and contrast enhancing Happy Lens is the only lens that maximizes the sun's "good" rays. See better. Feel better. Perform better.

If you're not satisfied with your Happy Lens, return them to SPY within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

100% UV Protection - Truth is, as much as you love the sun, it's harmful to your body and eyes. Spy's entire assortment of lenses is 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protected so you can worry about your goggle tan, not your eyes.

Anti-Fog Lenses - All Spy lenses contain a super secret anti-fog formula to keep your lenses as clear as possible throughout the day.

Dual Lens Construction - Spy's Dual Lens Construction ensures proper climate control between the lenses and your face to keep vision clear in all conditions.

Bonus Lens VLT

Most bonus lenses have a higher Variable Light Transmission percentage, so they're suited better for low light situations. We supply you with the specific VLT rating and the riding conditions that the bonus lens excels in. We care about tech.

Spy Happy Lucid Silver Lens - VLT Rating: 45.77%

Excels In: Overcast

Excels In

VLT stands for Variable Light Transmittance, which is the percentage of light that is allowed to penetrate the lens, for brighter conditions you'll want a lower VLT rating and with darker conditions you'll want a higher VLT rating.

Sunny - VLT between 0% and 18%


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