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Spy Marauder Goggles + Bonus Lens

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night rider matte black/bronze-silver spectra + clear lens
night rider matte black/bronze-silver spectra + clear lens
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Frame Size
Designed for larger faces or riders who prefer oversized style
Lens Shape
Nearly flat lenses that offer a standard field of vision
Lens Swap
Quick Change
Swap your lenses on-the-go with minimum effort
Lighting Conditions
Ultimate protection, ideal for riding in full sun or high visibility conditions (VLT: 0-20%)

The Marauder is a high-performance goggle with embedded technology. Dri-Force™ fleece and triple-layer Isotron™ face foam keep moisture at bay and ensure lasting comfort. These cylindrical lenses come in a large frame and have quick-change lens swapping optimization for visual customization when you need it most.

Frame Features
  • Dri-Force™ Fleece
  • Deadbolt™ Lens Change System
  • Flexible PU Frame
  • Silicone Ribbed Strap
  • Triple Layer Isotron™ Face Foam
  • RISE™ Ventilation
Lens Features
  • Cylindrical Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti-Fog Lenses
  • Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Dual Lens Construction
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Bonus Lens Included
  • Over the Glasses Compatible
Lens Technology
  • HD+ Lens
  • Spectra™
Bonus Lens
  • Spy Clear Lens
Frame Features

Dri-Force™ Fleece - This moisture wicking fleece provides comfort while drawing fog-causing sweat off your face.

Deadbolt™ Lens Change System - Deadbolt’s magnets securely guide the lens into place while the locking levers bolt it down; it’s a ride so secure you can plunder pow in peace.

Flexible PU Frame - No stiffies. Spy's polyurethane frames flex perfectly to match your face no matter what temperatures Jack Frost throws at you.

Silicone Ribbed Strap - Designed to keep your goggles in place, this thin strip of silicone on the strap goes the distance.

Triple Layer Isotron™ Face Foam - Spy's Isotron™ foam is made of three different densities, each one adding to the comfort and functionality of your goggles. The topmost layer features Spy’s moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece for comfort.

RISE™ Ventilation - Draws hot air from behind the lens through subframe vents for a fog-free view.

Lens Features

Cylindrical Lenses - Low-profile lenses with that classic look. More flexible than spherical lenses, they conform perfectly to any face. Cylindrical lenses provide unmatched protection and style without breaking the bank.

100% UV Protection - Truth is, as much as you love the sun, it's harmful to your body and eyes. Spy's entire assortment of lenses is 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protected so you can worry about your goggle tan, not your eyes.

Anti-Fog Lenses - All Spy lenses contain a super secret anti-fog formula to keep your lenses as clear as possible throughout the day.

Anti-Scratch Coating - To protect that valuable lens of yours.

Dual Lens Construction - Spy's Dual Lens Construction ensures proper climate control between the lenses and your face to keep vision clear in all conditions.


Helmet Compatible - This goggle is engineered for optimal helmet compatibility with correct strap lengths and goggle proportions for a proper, comfortable fit, to eliminate gaper gap, and to maximize ventilation airflow.


Over the Glasses Compatible - These goggles are specifically designed to fit comfortably over your prescription eyewear.

Lens Technology

HD+ Lens - The original color and contrast enhancing lens that allows you to easily see changes in terrain, the HD+ Lens lets in more of the sun's good rays that science suggests create an uplift in mood and alertness.

Spectra™ - Fresh-dipped like a million bucks, Spectra™ mirrored lenses contain multiple layers of mirror for a look that’s as unique as it is effective against full sunshine. Let your eyes wander, Spy has you covered.

Bonus Lens

Lenses come in a variety of colors and tints, all of which carry their own unique Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rating. VLT rates how much light a lens allows to pass through and is scaled 0-100%. Goggles and lenses with VLT ratings closer to 0% will block out more light, while lenses closer to 100% will allow more light to pass through for better visibility in low light conditions. Often times, lenses come with versatile VLT ratings which fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum allowing them to provide good visibility in a variety of conditions.

Spy Clear Lens - VLT Rating: 98%

Excels in: Low Light/Night Conditions

Night/Low light lenses (like this one) provide the best visibility in conditions with minimal natural light. These lenses feature higher Visual Light Transmission (VLT) ratings which make dark conditions and surroundings appear brighter with increased clarity for better overall visibility and depth perception.