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Tactics Nora T-Shirt

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The Nora T-shirt by Laura Rogoski is based on one of Nora’s favorite tattoos. All proceeds from this shirt will be donated to Nora Beck in support of the medical bills accrued in her recovery from a broken T12 vertebrae. We love Nora. She's one of the toughest, most humble humans out and would do anything to support her friends.

If you are interested in helping, a GoFundMe has been set up to help Nora get back on her feet:

Words from Laura:

“I can’t remember when I first met Nora, but I can remember my first impressions of her on a board. I was really impressed by her pop, style, and commitment. She just went for things. We rode together at Ms. Superpark at Big Boulder, and It’s Tits at Mt Hood. We both liked whiskey and I could count on her to party board with me.

This year at the Mental Meetup at It’s Tits I learned that she was newly in recovery. It’s something that's hard to talk about and can make you feel weird or alone. I felt closer to Nora because I related strongly to her experience with it. The very next day she went down hard. I had a walkie talkie so I called up to Krush to send ski patrol. My heart hurt for Nora…

I heard from friends that she was in the hospital and needed surgery. I reached out to Nora and asked if I could start a GoFundMe for her. She was hesitant- she didn’t want to burden anyone. She wasn’t sure if she deserved help. That feeling SUCKS. It’s so hard to ask for help. I called Nora and basically interviewed her about her experiences so I could write a more personal story for her GoFundMe. We had never been really tight - this brought us closer together and made me appreciate her even more. For me, it's a reminder that life's short, anything can happen, and together we are stronger. Nora is a goddamn queen. This isn’t the end of her journey, it's just a chapter and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.”

-Laura Rogoski

  • 100% Cotton
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Artwork By
  • Laura Rogoski (@sk8tits)