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Von Zipper Cleaver Goggles

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spring break-black satin/blackout lens + yellow bonus lens
Color: spring break-black satin/blackout lens + yellow bonus lens
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Frame Size
Standard fit with average frame width and depth
Lens Shape
Nearly flat lenses that offer a standard field of vision
Lens Swap
Lens can be changed, though not as easily as a quick change system
Lens Tech
Designed to provide good visibility in most conditions

Riding on a foggy, humid morning is pretty much asking your goggles to fog up. When it's hard to see, it's easy to catch an edge and fall. But foggy goggles is no worry with Von Zipper's Cleaver. The Hard Coated, Super Anti-Fog lens helps combat fog by absorbing moisture while extending the life of the lens. 100% UV Protection and Cylindrical shape give you a wide peripheral view and keep your eyes protected from the blazing sun on white snow. All day comfort comes from the Ergonomic Frame Design and Triple Density Face Foam, wicking moisture season after season. Even the coldest of cold days can't freeze these goggles, the Thermo-Polyurethane built frame remains comforting and flexible giving your face the protection you need, even in the craziest conditions.

Frame Features
  • Dual Adjustable Silicone Lined Strap
  • Ergonomic Frame Design
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Thermo-Polyurethane Frame
  • Triple Density Face Foam
Lens Features
  • Cylindrical Dual Polycarbonate Lens
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Hard Coated Lens
  • Maximum Peripheral Vision
  • Super Anti-Fog Coating
Bonus Lens VLT
  • Von Zipper Yellow Lens
Excels In
  • Sunny
Frame Features

Dual Adjustable Silicone Lined Strap - Stops your goggles from sliding around on you.

Thermo-Polyurethane Frame - This injection molded frame remains flexible even in the coldest conditions.

Triple Density Face Foam - Moisture wicking and fleece lined for a perfect fit.

Lens Features

100% UV Protection - UVA / UVB protection for the health of your eyes

Hard Coated Lens - Outer lens hard-coating extends the life of the lens

Super Anti-Fog Coating - Hydrophobic inner lens coating absorbs moisture

Bonus Lens VLT

Most bonus lenses have a higher Variable Light Transmission percentage, so they're suited better for low light situations. We supply you with the specific VLT rating and the riding conditions that the bonus lens excels in. We care about tech.

Von Zipper Yellow Lens - VLT Rating: 67-73%

Excels In: Stormy/Night

Excels In

VLT stands for Variable Light Transmittance, which is the percentage of light that is allowed to penetrate the lens, for brighter conditions you'll want a lower VLT rating and with darker conditions you'll want a higher VLT rating.

Sunny - VLT between 0% and 18%


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