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Arbor Bogart Longboard Wheels

Arbor Bogart Longboard Wheels - view large
white (82a)
Color: white (82a)
Size: 61mm
Color: white (82a)
Size: 61mm
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This wheel is a slightly offset mini-cruiser for around town skating. The Bogart wheels from Arbor feature a wider footprint than most mini wheels, making them roll smother on rough surfaces, while still providing the freeride performance for smaller boards.
Set of 4 Wheels
Ride Style:
Durometer (Hardest to Softest):
Core Placement:
Wheel Edge:
Round Lip
Surface Type:
Stone Ground
Arbor Wheels:
  • Groovetube Cores
  • Sucrose Formula
  •  61mm
    Diameter (mm):61.0
    Contact Patch (mm):36.0
    Suggested Riser Size (in):1/8 - 1/4
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